Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki is Waiting for Bitcoin to “Test $1100”

Famous investor and life coach Robert Kiyosaki tweeted this morning that he was waiting for Bitcoin to dip to $1,100. While there is evidence that the celebrity author intended to tweet “$11,000”, several Bitcoin enthusiasts still don’t agree with his analysis.  

Typo or  Impossible Prediction?

The author of ‘’Rich Dad, Poor Dad’’ took to social media around 1:30 am UTC to share his “buy-the-dip” plans. Robert Kiyosaki has long been a crypto proponent and Bitcoin bull. However, despite his position on crypto, it is not the first time the 75-year-old author is dividing opinions. 

“RICH dad lesson, LOSERS quit when they lose,” he tweeted. “WINNERS learn from their losses; I am waiting for Bitcoin to ‘test’ $1,100.”

A flurry of opinions and backlash followed Kiyosaki’s tweet, along with other “quotes” reminding the author of his previous takes on Bitcoin. 

Indeed, many noted that it could take the most depressing of world recessions to see BTC at $1100.  While several others chided that Kiyosaki’s tweet was an obvious typo. The author could very well mean “$11,000”.

Interestingly, a week before Kiyosaki’s tweet, the author discussed Bitcoin and the economy on his YouTube channel. Kiyosaki revealed in the talk with Raoul Pal that he was waiting for Bitcoin to test $10k or $11k, before buying again.

Regardless of  Kiyosaki’s intentions, a few followers reminded the author he had promised to buy Bitcoin at a different price. Seven weeks ago, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author tweeted he would buy some BTC below $20k.  

Robert Kiyosaki describes himself as “optimistic” and as a “Bitcoin Bull”, but some might disagree with this. Especially considering  Kiyosaki’s often dogged predictions. On May 19, after the US government hiked interest rates, Kiyosaki suggested that Bitcoin could test $9k. He however reiterated that he was optimistic. 

Hard Harsh Winter

Kiyosaki’s tweet is reflective of the enduring crypto winter. The crypto market is facing a horrid period as the price of Bitcoin continues to struggle. Coinbase was forced to lay off 18% of its staff, citing difficult times. Similarly, cryptocurrency loan platforms Celsius and Babel Financial blocked withdrawals, while Three Arrows failed to meet demands. 

Bitcoin live price
price change

Despite the current state of the market, Kiyosaki and other crypto enthusiasts are confident of a rebound.

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