Right-Leaning Parler Launch Solana NFT Project, Hopes to Diversify its Userbase

Twitter competitor and “free speech” proponent,  Parler, has just shared news of the release of a new premium marketplace. Parler hopes its forays into NFT will help to gain new audience. 

Parler to Attract a Pro-Crypto Crowd

For the creators of the social media app, the goal is to appeal to and engage to a fresher form of audience. Parler, which has been compared often to Twitter, is suggested to be right-leaning.  However, the app’s leadership is open to entertaining more diverse conversations. This also includes welcoming a more crypto-friendly user base.

Parler site today is very heavily political,” remarked the app’s CTO Sam Lipoff. “But I think, beginning in the next few months, you’ll see a variety of NFTs that we would call both partisan and non-partisan, and we hope that diversifies the audience a little bit.”

Parler’s novel marketplace dubbed DeepRedSky is hosted on the Solana blockchain. Operations appear to be well underway as the platform has already witnessed its first NFT drop; a collection named Official CryptoTrump Club.

DeepRedSky’s inaugural collection is something of an ode to the United States’ 45th president, Donald Trump. It is composed of 10,000 uniquely designed pieces featuring the ex-president in varying scenarios. One photo presents Trump grinning broadly and winking in a zebra-striped suit and a hat bearing the inscription “Make America Great Again.” Yet another photo showcases the former president garbed in a white suit and sunglasses clutching a copy of the Time magazine. 

The non-fungible tokens are invariably priced at $2750 with 250 of them categorized as extremely rare. Buyers can purchase their NFTs using credit cards. With DeepRedSky, Parler aims to introduce its users to an all-inclusive service offering.

DeepRedSky will Provide NFT-Focused Consultation

Beyond simply serving as a place to mint and put NFTs, DeepRedSky will bring innovation to the NFT space. Parler CEO George Farmer says they hope to work alongside a minimum of 50 brands looking to venture into NFTs. The marketplace will provide guidance on publicity, a social media presence, and community building via Discord. 

Parler has done this in the past, working with previous First Lady Melania Trump for the release of her first NFT collection. The tokens were launched on the Solana blockchain and contain photos from Trump’s time in office.

Farmer also stated that the marketplace will charge higher transaction costs than OpenSea’s 2.5% commission. However, he declined to provide specific details. Speculations could arise that Parler’s venture into NFTs could have been birthed by platforms such as Twitter’s NFT integration. However, CTO Lipoff spoke to cut short any burgeoning rumors.

Let me be clear that we are not trying to copy Twitter, in any way,” said Lipoff.

In place of fusion with the marketplace, Parler bolsters DeepRedSky. The NFT-focused platform will carry all kinds of non-fungible tokens in the future. According to Lipoff, one of the platform’s major selling points is its inclusiveness. Creators will not be banned or demonetized for controversial content or opinions that go against the grain. 

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The platform envisions a blend of free speech, decentralization, and less complex technology. Parler’s mission is to encourage extensive discourse regardless of political inclinations or preferences. While they do welcome conversions centered around politics, the team hopes to move beyond that.

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