Roobet: Introducing the First and Top Functional Cryptocurrency Casino

The Casino industry had a gross projected yield of 115 billion US dollars in 2016, and Statista projected that the value could rise to 130 billion USD in 2019. Therefore, the casino world contributes extensively to the global economy, attracting people from all classes and countries globally. Most of the existing casino platforms, both online and physical, face high cases of criminality and insecurity for gamblers. Such issues reduce the level of trust that gamblers have in the platforms globally.

Roobet could be the ultimate solution to all problems clouding social online gambling networks, including insecurity. However, what is Roobet, and how does it work?

What is Roobet?

Roobet is a cryptocurrency casino platform first introduced in 2014 to bolster user trust in the gambling sector. The system introduces over 1000 games, including the most popular games like live blackjack, live game shows, and a huge library of slots, updated daily. Besides providing games, the online network provides a payment platform that supports instant Bitcoin deposits from anywhere globally and no withdrawal restrictions on Bitcoin or Ethereum withdrawals. Therefore the cryptocurrency is experiencing rapid adoption among a global audience of gamblers.

How Does it Work?

This platform is the first casino to introduce the concept of cryptocurrency casinos in the digital economy. It offers users accessible, familiar, and cutting edge gambling options, including over 1,000 games like slots, live card, and casino games, as well as some of the latest in live game shows like Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, Crazy Time, Mega Ball, and more. They also offer a wide variety of slick house games for those who like low edge, simple games like Dice, Towers, Mines, and – one of the most famous of all – Crash.he. Unlike traditional online casinos, the signup process for Roobet is lightning-fast and takes only seconds, thanks to being a cryptocurrency-only casino.

How is Roobet Different?

Roobet distinguishes itself from other casinos because it’s a crypto-only casino, which means that it’s easy for new players to quickly jump in on the action, privately and without limits on deposits & withdrawals. It also leverages the attributes of blockchain in its house games provably fair system. Moreover, because of the blockchain’s immutability and transparency combined with the world’s leading providers of slots and live games, Roobet instills trust across the community.

Security in Gambling

Gambling platforms are always prone to high cases of privacy infringement and insecurity. However, Roobet is implanting systems to protect players’ security every time and in every game. There is a 256 bit SSL high-end technology that encrypts users’ data from external interference. Moreover, blockchain’s reputation for being immutable and offering tamper-proof transactions makes it a perfect fit for this industry. 

Accessibility and Usability

The Roobet casino’s website has a user-friendly interface offering easy accessibility and navigability through the website. In signing up for the platform, Roobet requires little details, with the most crucial being an email address and the new account’s password. This multi-language platform provides services in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Roobet.com is fully mobile responsive, and the site functions nearly identical on mobile as it does on the desktop.

Payment Option

Most gambling platforms, both online and physical, require payments in fiat currencies. However, the Roobet platform introduces a unique payment option that allows users to pay using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest, cheapest, and most secure way to transfer money internationally, making it perfect for sending deposits or making withdrawals — from micro-sized sums of money to massive sums. All are handled with the same speed and ease.

Only persons with cryptocurrencies can use the Roobet casino, and users can only deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies – however, with Bitcoin rising in popularity across the world, it’s easier than ever to buy and convert from your local currency to and from Bitcoin. The most impressive thing about the deposits and withdrawals is that they are instant, limitless, and can be anonymous when used with certain blockchain wallets.

Customer Care

The gambling platform has a live-chat customer care desk operating 24/7, allowing users to raise any large or small queries. There is also an email option for fast responses to general customer queries.

The VIP Option

Players in the Roobet platform can qualify for VIP club membership, and if you qualify, a VIP manager will reach out to you. Once ranked as a VIP, VIP managers will assist players in getting rewards & bonuses 24/7. The qualification criteria for becoming VIP on Roobet are not published, but we hear that they are quite spectacular, including deposit bonuses, Rakeback, reload, and more.

RooWards and Affiliate Program

The platform offers attractive bonuses and rewards for all users, including their proprietary RooWards system. As players continue to play, they permanently level up their RooWards, unlocking increased daily, weekly, monthly rakeback, loss back, and bonuses.  Moreover, every user will have a unique link that they can share with friends, which also will permanently increase their affiliate commission for every referral that deposits. Anyone signing up using the link gets the chance to unlock daily rewards valued at 2500 USD instantly.

Note: one unique feature of Roobet’s affiliate program is that affiliates receive a commission on all referred wagers, not strictly losses. As Roobet says, it is not a “loss-based system,” so you can feel good about sharing it. There is also no negative loss carryover, so affiliates are paid whether their referrals win or lose, in real-time – and they can cash out those earnings whenever they want.

Advantages of Using Roobet

As described above, Roobet has a wide collection of games, is simple to sign up and use, and has no limits on deposits or withdrawals. It is well-known in the gambling industry for quickly arriving on the scene and becoming “Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino.”

Final Word

The Roobet platform is a cutting-edge crypto casino that introduces over 1,000 games to maximize fun. This network is legally recognized in many countries but licensed in Belize. It only accepts payment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum, the two largest and most widely used cryptocurrencies. It’s the most user-friendly and easily accessible gambling platform, allowing users to play privately.

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Players can also climb ranks into VIP ranks where they enjoy privileges and rewards. There are other rewards and bonuses for everyone to enjoy every dayThe customer care desk works every day & night, making sure their players can get quick responses to any query, day or night. There is a  reason why they call it Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino!

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