S Fantasia – A Project Launching a Fantasy Metaverse for Adults

Different ways of thinking about the term “metaverse” are in use, even though it has become a widespread term. Technology that humans employ to access the metaverse, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), are often associated with this concept.

In 2021, the term “metaverse” became widely used, igniting a global discussion about what it means, whether it has already arrived, and who will be the first to exploit it. Nonetheless, in 2022, experts are still exploring this idea, and we are learning day by day what the metaverse can achieve.

The easiest way to understand this new dimension is to look at new projects wishing to enter the market. S Fantasia, for example, is a new initiative aiming to launch a Fantasy metaverse for adult entertainment.

Our review will look closely into S Fantasia’s product proposal and its promised future developments.

About S Fantasia

S Fantasia is a project wishing to satisfy the user’s fantasy by introducing an NFT collection in the metaverse. As we will soon explain, holding at least one of the “S” NFTs will represent the virtual key to access the project’s digital world.

The expected introduction of Teslasuit should help the project’s team enhance the user’s virtual experience on S Fantasia. Let’s explore all the details we have received on this new initiative in the following sections.

The Project’s Ecosystem

The team wishes to welcome a growing community to the SFantasy world with the promise of a system that “transcends your imagination,” to quote the project’s website.

The key to accessing this new metaverse will be choosing and owning one of the “S” NFTs in the project’s collection. We do not have information about the number of NFTs that will feature the project, but the market may receive details soon.

What we know is that the “S” NFTs will belong to an adult-entertainment category, helping the time catch the attention of investors who are keen on this industry.

All those who have one of the “S” NFTs in their wallets will receive a key to access this new metaverse. At the same time, the team promised the distribution of coins to spend in the digital world.

The Purchase Options

The team has decided to make the “S” NFTs available for the public in two rounds:

  • Pre-sale operation: anyone completing the whitelisting process will be able to access the pre-sale round. The team explained that anyone wishing to learn how to complete the whitelisting procedure could refer to the project’s Discord page. The founders scheduled the event for April 15th at 9:00 AM EST, and we will soon learn more details about the minting price for each NFT.
  • Public sale operation: the team will use its social media accounts to reveal information about its public sale round. The event should happen one day following the pre-sale process, and we expect to receive details about the “S” NFTs minting price for the round.

On April 24th, the team expects to reveal the details of the sale rounds to the public, and the market will monitor S Fantasia’s social channels for announcements on this matter.

What’s on the Team’s Roadmap?

The team shared with us a series of milestones in its development plan. A look at this list can be the most straightforward way to understand what S Fantasia wishes to achieve in the future:

  • Milestone 1: For starters, the project will open the NFT minting process for the market. This preliminary operation will consist of launching a way to access the S Fantasia metaverse.
  • Milestone 2: After opening the system, the team expects to see the completion of its minting operation with the release of its entire “S” NFT collection.
  • Milestone 3: NFT holders (or, as the team labels them, “S Masters”) who have at least five NFTs in their wallets will be entitled to participate in a private airdrop event that will occur every quarter.
  • Milestone 4: The project will evolve and launch an S Fantasia Park on The SandBox and other metaverse-friendly platforms. Also, the Park’s theme will be adult-only entertainment, and it will feature a game with a Play-to-Earn (or “P2E,” as most crypto enthusiasts call this genre) mechanism.
  • Milestone 5: At this point, the development team will begin working on S Fantasia’s native metaverse system. Furthermore, as hinted before in our review, the project will have its own token (S Fantasia Token). In an airdrop event, the team will distribute the coins to all the “S” NFT holders. Furthermore, the project will feature an S Fantasia Global Showcase, designed for special NFT holders.
  • Milestone 6: The developers also plan to start working on a new version of the project, and more details on this aspect will be available in the future.
  • Milestone 7: A beta test of the S Fantasia metaverse will provide the team with helpful information on the market’s reaction to the product launch. At this stage, the team promised the integration with Teslasuit, a system for physical VR experience in the metaverse.
  • Milestone 8: At the end of the development and test operations, the team will release the Real S Fantasia metaverse in a public event.


S Fantasia is a new project that, following a clear roadmap, wishes to launch a metaverse system for adult entertainment. The pre-sale and public sale events are imminent, and we will keep an eye on the team’s social pages (Twitter, Discord) for announcements on this matter.

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The project’s website is online, and it represents another way to keep updated on this new initiative.

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