Samson Mow Announces Departure From Blockstream

Samson Mow – Chief Strategy Officer at Blockstream – announced on Tuesday that he is leaving the company. Going forwards, he will continue working on other Bitcoin-related projects, while supporting its adoption by nation-states, such as in El Salvador.

So Much Bitcoin; So Little Time

The Bitcoin expert explained the details of his departure in a Twitter thread, showing pride in the work he has achieved at Blockstream. Mow spent five years with the company, which provides Bitcoin network infrastructure including satellites that broadcast the blockchain worldwide.

The businessman promised that although he’ll be gone, Blockstream will continue to help develop Bitcoin scaling technology like the lightning network and Liquid sidechain. Lightning allows for immediate and free Bitcoin transactions that use deferred-settlement, whereas Liquid enables faster, more private Bitcoin transactions and alternative token creation.

“With everything happening at light speed in El Salvador, and more and more countries interested in adopting Bitcoin, I found my time each day just no longer enough anymore,” said Mow.

Technical - BTCC's Samson Mow on Block Size: The Bitcoin Community Must See Through Manipulation
Samson Mow. Source: Bitcoin Magazine

Mow has a deep history of involvement with Bitcoin’s network and industry, including having worked as COO for BTCChina – China’s very first Bitcoin exchange. Until now, he’s juggled his work at Blockstream with being the CEO at Pixelmatic, which develops Bitcoin integrated video games like the MMO Infinite Fleet.

Most notably, Mow has been a critical player in promoting Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador. Working with President Nayib Bukele, he helped develop the “Bitcoin Bond,” whereby the country plans to raise $1 billion. Funds will be dedicated to purchasing more Bitcoin, as well as building “Bitcoin City”, which will be heavily dedicated towards mining Bitcoin using volcanic energy.

Mow added that he felt now was a good time to leave Blockstream as it is “well-capitalized” after a successful series-b funding round.

Next Steps For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin infrastructure growth and adoption remain Mow’s top priorities, and as far as he’s concerned, both are going along smoothly:

“Feels like now is a pivotal point in Bitcoin’s evolution – we’re on the verge of mass adoption, and I think that I can make it happen faster,” he said.

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Though no country besides El Salvador has made Bitcoin a form of legal tender, another Bitcoin maximalist – Max Keiser – has left some clues on that front. He told Stansberry Research in January that he knows another country in South America will also make BItcoin legal tender by the end of 2022, but he wouldn’t reveal which.

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