San Marino to Issue Digital Covid19 Passports, The EU Approves

On July 1st, 2021, the San Marino council passed a law for providing Covid19 digital passports with vaccination details. The digital documents would take Non- fungible tokens, and the vaccination records are in the Vechain blockchain. The European Union General Council later approved the Certificates. 

NFT Certificates Based on Vechain

Recently, the general counsel at San Marino introduced and passed new legislation that allowed citizens to get and use blockchain-based passports. Generally, this move would help generate more confidence for citizens as the world tries to return to normalcy. 

The Covid19 certificates take the form of NFT assets and are connected to the Vechain blockchain. By definition, NFT assets are not at all fungible, meaning they are unique from each other. Using a similar concept, the San Marino government creates unique passports with proof of vaccination. Thus, any San Marino resident can ask for a digital passport and receive it from authorized health facilities. 

According to the San-Marino government release, each passport, be it digital or hardcopy has two QR-codes. One of the QR codes will help ensure that their vaccination status is easily verifiable whenever the certificate owner is. In addition, there is no special tool or application to prove the authenticity of the QR codes and certificates, thus making things simpler for anyone to verify. 

Once a user gets a vaccination, the Vechain blockchain keeps the patient’s records. The blockchain autonomously receives the vaccination data and stores it permanently. According to the release, their choice of a blockchain will help ensure the integrity and authenticity of the patient’s vaccination status and records. 

The European Union Recognizes The Passport

On August 3rd, The EU Commission announced that it would recognize the passports issued by the Vatican and San-Marino. Generally, to travel across other states and countries within the EU, a person must show proof of vaccination. 

Therefore, the EU affirmed that the San Marino digital NFT certificates would be considered equal to those offered by EU member states. The release says; 

“COVID-19 vaccination certificates issued by the Vatican City State/San Marino following the “VA-EUDCC-GW” system shall, to facilitate the right of free movement within the Union, be treated as equivalent to those issued following Regulation (EU) 2021/953.”

Since each certificate possesses two QR codes, one will be mainly for verification, while the other will be proof of adherence to EU standards. 

Blockchain Acceptance is Increasing

Now, this move by San Marino to use the Vechain blockchain and NFT assets for their passport issues shows that crypto has massive potential in the future. In addition, several governments have declared interest in the blockchain world this year, with El-Salvador even taking crypto assets as their legal tender. 

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It seems clear that the blockchain world is increasingly becoming widespread and trusted. Projects like Vechain, and IOTA, which have actual use cases, send crypto to global adoption.

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