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Shiba Inu Founder Deletes All Tweets and Blogs After Year-Long Silence

The founder (or founding group) behind Shiba Inu, the so-called “Dogecoin Killer” has erased all traces of his content from the internet.

Every last tweet and blog disappeared from his Twitter and Medium accounts for no apparent reason.

  • The founder Ryoshi’s Twitter account of nearly 200,000 followers no longer displays any posts, nor a bio. Perhaps more strangely, its profile picture has changed to the famous Tibetan Yogi and Buddhist Jetsun Milarepa.
  • The account’s banner image has also changed to display a half moon glowing above a cloud.
  • The profile has displayed old Eastern imagery in the past, as  an archived screenshot of the account earlier this month shows. The same archived page also reveals that Ryoshi’s last tweet was from May 29th, 2021 – almost exactly a year ago.
  • As for his medium page, all four blogs have been deleted, including his very first ‘All Hail the Shiba’ post. The page itself now displays error 410.
  • Speculation abounds across Twitter over what may have happened to Ryoshi, but there are no certainties as of yet.
  • However, a new page Ryoshi page has emerged on Medium with the same Buddhist profile picture as the one from Twitter. It’s unclear whether or not this is the actual Ryoshi or not.

Cryptic Messages

I am not important, and one day I will be gone without notice,” it reads. “Take the SHIBA and journey upwards frens.

Ryoshi is an anonymous founder, similar to Satoshi Nakamoto – the founder of Bitcoin. Satoshi was known for having left the Bitcoin project early on, leaving his influence over the protocol and community behind.

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Shiba Inu is a crypto token inspired by Dogecoin, which in turn was inspired by a meme. Though neither purports to provide any real value, the communities around each coin are strong.

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