Shopify Will Allow Users To Sell And Mint NFT

Digital commerce giant Shopify announced its venture into the NFT space.

The company, which makes selling products and services easy for small businesses, announced an integration for NFT stores. Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify, announced its own NFT beta program. He revealed that the company partnered with GigLabs for the project.

The service will work as a GigLabs NFT app in the Shopify App Store. The app will allow users to mint and sell NFTs using the Flow blockchain. Currently, Flow is the fastest-growing blockchain with over 2 million accounts and over 17 million minted NFTs.

Moreover, sellers can use partner apps to mint NFTs on Ethereum, Near, and Polygon blockchains. Currently, the Beta program is only available for US-based retailers.

Robleh Jama, Shopify Product Director, stated,

We’re happy to welcome GigLabs to the Shopify NFT ecosystem to help merchants build unique commerce experiences through NFTs. Our growing NFT app ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to offering merchants an accessible approach to selling digital assets directly through their Shopify stores

Currently, Shopify serves more than one million businesses that sell their products and services online.

Furthermore, Shopify will allow sellers to collect payments in multiple ways. This includes crypto, credit, and debit cards. Shopify will help also buyers users to claim their NFTs via email. After that, they can add it to their wallets.

First Users

BreakingT and Infinite Objects are the first companies that will use the new app. BreakingT creates real-time sports fan apparel and other licensed products. Creating NFT products helps them connect their users to their favorite teams and athletes.

Alex Welsh, the CEO of BreakingT explains why the Shopify integration is important for the company.

We’re continuously monitoring social data with our CrowdBreak platform, looking for fan engagement and consumer intent related to these big moments in sports. If Fernando Tatis hits a walk-off grand slam on Tuesday night, it’s a shirt by Wednesday morning. We’ve integrated the GigLabs NFT app capabilities into our 24/7 business model, and can now quickly turn these same moments into NFTs and reach a whole new audience.

Likewise, Infinite Objects creates video art collections and customizable video prints. Specifically, each video print is one video art collection, looping forever and holding up to 24h of video.

Joe Saavedra, CEO of Infinite Objects, echoed Welsh’s statements.

With the GigLabs app, we’ll be able to add NFTs to our content offerings in a seamless end-to-end and customized experience

GigLab NFT App

To showcase the NFTs, GigLab uses a customizable 3D gallery called RareRooms. In particular, the gallery can host NFTs, art, and other assets integrated into blockchains. Besides its curator function, the gallery also hosts a marketplace.

Moreover, RareRooms is placing a large emphasis on the gaming aspect of the NFTs. The platform features integrated minigames, such as “PopShot” which lets players use their NFT basketballs in the app.

Although Shopify is a relative newcomer in the world of NFTs, this is not its first venture into crypto waters. The e-commerce platform started accepting Bitcoin in 2020, in a collaboration with BTCPay. The two companies developed an open-source solution to integrate Bitcoin payments for Shopify stores.

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