Shrimpy Embraces DeFi By Adding Support for MetaMask, Atomic, and Trust Wallet

As Shrimpy develops, so do its features and list of supported exchanges. If you like the flexibility of seeing your coins in a wallet directly on your phone or tablet, then you’re in luck. 

Shrimpy has recently introduced the option to connect to the platform via an offline wallet. This means that users can monitor, track and trade assets from a portfolio located on DEX wallets, hardware wallets, as well as famous 3rd-party crypto wallets like MetaMask, Atomic Wallet, and Trust Wallet

Users can now quickly connect their digital wallet of choice, transfer cryptos from the trading platform, and send/receive assets to and from other wallets. In addition to purchasing cryptos, you may convert one asset to another.

The interface for connecting offline wallets is easy to navigate and set up. All it takes to utilize your assets on Shrimpy is only a few steps. After selecting a wallet provider, you can input the public address of the assets you hold and almost instantly start using them. Moreover, the newly connected wallet will form a portfolio of its own and not intermingle with your other wallets.

History of Shrimpy

Founded in 2018, Shrimpy is a premium crypto trading bot and automated portfolio management platform that helps crypto investors manage their digital assets quickly and straightforwardly. The platform lets users take actions like rebalance a portfolio, place portfolio stop losses, create indexes, utilize trading strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), and copying successful traders via their unique social trading ecosystem.

Developers are not left out either. The platform’s Universal Crypto Exchange APIs are uniquely designed for application developers. You can request data instantaneously on both your trade and order books free of charge, organize user exchange accounts, execute trading strategies, request prediction market data, and much more.

Exchanges Supported

The platform supports Kucoin, Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bibox, Gemini, Binance US, Bitmart, Huobi global, Bittrex global, HitBTC, Okex, Bitstamp, and Bitfinex.

Shrimpy is an essential social trading and automated portfolio management platform with several distinct attributes. First, it is a crypto portfolio management app designed to make trading and investing easy for beginners and elite traders.

You may use Shrimpy to set up and automate long-term trading strategies. From there, there is no need to manage your assets manually since the entire process is automated. Additionally, you can use the inbuilt portfolio management tools to track performance and change your investment strategy accordingly.

Other attributes found at Shrimpy include critical necessities like accessing accounts on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges from one platform. In addition, with Shrimpy’s easy-to-use interface, you can manage your entire crypto portfolio and stop wasting time logging in and out of exchanges. 

Besides tracking your portfolio performance effortlessly, you can automatically adjust your investment strategy. The platform allows you to imitate the world’s best crypto traders on social trading as you develop. Furthermore, you can automate trading strategies using various indicators and earn a commission for every social trader that follows you.

Always on their Toes

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Shrimpy’s developers never stop improving the crypto portfolio management app. They ensure users get the best services and have access to exceptional intuitive and diverse trading tools. Shrimpy believes that most assets’ future lies in tokenization and that crypto is the first step on this journey.

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