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Shrimpy Launches a New Dashboard for Its Traders

Since the day of its entrance on the market in 2018, Shrimpy has delivered regular updates to its community. The team aims to provide users with an attractive automated portfolio management platform in the crypto market.

Each new feature brought a different set of tools to crypto enthusiasts. It may be hard to invest in the market with little previous expertise in the decentralized area. Without forgetting about the risks of investing, Shrimpy’s team wishes to simplify the life of many traders.

New features and improvements to Shrimpy’s system are live, including a redesigned  dashboard, trading, and automation tab.

What Do We Know About Shrimpy?

Shrimpy provides a long-term portfolio tracking and rebalancing social crypto trading tool. Traders can join Shrimpy with the aim of making the most of crypto index trading and group investment.

It also allows users to design a portfolio plan, measure performance, analyze the market and copy an existing strategy. Users can also make a customized index across all available exchanges and trade them individually.

Traders can access several crypto exchanges at once on Shrimpy. The portal lets you split your crypto investments using percentages and data. The algorithm may distribute coins in your portfolio manually or automatically based on market circumstances.

Users must first register on the website and then integrate Shrimpy’s API with crypto exchange accounts to utilize the platform. Following this brief introduction, we will focus our attention on the latest features of the portal.

A Look Into the New Dashboard

The developers explained how hard they worked to deliver an improvement to the traders’ experience on Shrimpy.

In this release, the team concentrated on improving the user experience by modernizing the tabs on the trading dashboard. Users who are familiar with Shrimpy will notice how panels adhere to the portal’s more refined and contemporary style.

By interacting with the portfolio selector on the dashboard, users may choose which portfolios to view on the screen. There will be no more need to scroll through all the assets to see the balance history of a wallet.

Shrimpy new dashboard
Shrimpy’s new dashboard. Source: Shrimpy.io

Shrimpy’s team also decided to work on the historical data feature. Specifically, users can now view the behavior of their portfolio back in time. The process requires users to select the date range they wish to see on the dashboard. At this point, they will be able to see a snapshot of their portfolio’s past performance.

Furthermore, Shrimpy enables users to trigger a stop loss value on any portfolio even without setting up an automated process.

The Changes Coming to the Trading Section

The team did not stop at the dashboard section and decided to renovate the trading area as well. Users can now quickly sort assets by price, recent gains or losses, and market capitalization. Furthermore, traders will be able to search for an asset by its name directly.

To learn more about an asset, a trader will need to click on its name to display the newly updated asset detail experience.

Shrimpy’s new Trading section (all market quotes are indicative and subject to change). Source: Shrimpy.io

Developers redesigned the page of each asset in Shrimpy’s database. The main upgrade by the team was to put an asset’s price history, trading history, and metadata in one location.

Once traders click on a coin, they will be able to keep track of a position over time. Furthermore, they will manage to swap assets and add cold storage.

Finally, the search bar at the top will let users look up and open the page of another coin listed on Shrimpy.

Final thoughts

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Shrimpy has recently released the upgraded dashboard and trading sections for its community. As we briefly discussed in this article, the team’s purpose is to enhance the investment experience of all users.

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