SincereDogeDAO – The DAO Where Dog Lovers Can Make a Difference

Sincere Doge is a community-first project seeking to empower people with better access to wealth-increasing opportunities on BNB Chain. The project is set to evolve into a far-reaching ecosystem comprising a lucrative DAO, meme coins, NFTs, and staking opportunities.

This review looks closely at one of the latest DOGE-inspired meme coins and its plans for a SincereDogeDAO. Read on to discover more about the project’s features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What is Sincere Doge?

The Dogecoin frenzy is still alive and kicking, spurring new meme coin projects on the market. The latest one in this seemingly endless series is Sincere Doge, a coin rewarding holders with static reflections directly into their wallets for every transaction.

The team drew inspiration from the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale before building it on BNB Chain. From the same film, the developers devised the project’s philosophy – to protect and love dogs for their unwavering loyalty.

Aside from its emotional back story, Sincere Doge proposes a new type of crypto ecosystem, incorporating a DAO, a staking token, and other features. Ultimately, its goal is to help regular people earn from crypto while supporting dog-oriented causes.

Sincere Doge ($SDOGE) is the token that started this ecosystem to provide a “unique, new, and exciting way to safely invest.” The project combines the meme coin trend with tokenomics to reward the long-term token holders in its rapidly increasing community.

Lastly, the SDOGE developers pledge to build a fair and transparent project. To this end, they have already successfully passed KYC verification and a smart contract audit from Solidproof.


The project’s standout feature is SincereDogeDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization aiming to create investment opportunities on the BNB Chain. The Sincere Doge community members can stake dSDAO, the ecosystem’s proof-of-stake token, for potentially high earnings. Alternatively, they can vote on investment proposals within the DAO.

Unlike other DAOs, SincereDogeDAO seeks to create a community where members can freely and democratically build the ecosystem’s collective knowledge. This way, every token holder has a say in the project’s development while working together towards a higher goal.

To enter this community, users have to buy and hold $SDAO. This is a decentralized autonomous organization token on Binance Smart Chain for staking, investment, and profit redistribution. Next, they have to stake their tokens, hoping to be among the top stakers, thus earning the “Guardian” status. From that position, they can submit proposals for the project’s development.

Once the community ratifies a proposal, SincereDogeDAO will use 30% of investment proceeds to buy back and burn $SDAO. Meanwhile, the stakers will receive 70% of this amount. The more Guardians the project will have, the more and better DAO proposals will enter voting. Consequently, the stakers will receive larger rewards.

The token holders who don’t obtain Guardian status become part of The Many. As a result, they will need the support of one or more Guardians to table proposals. Nevertheless, being one of The Many has its perks. For example, this large assembly is responsible for accepting proposals and voting on them.

It’s worth noting that SincereDogeDAO comes with an innovative and user-friendly app. Token holders can easily navigate it to participate in the community’s growing activity.


The Sincere Doge team has set a 5% transaction tax for $SDAO, distributing its proceeds as follows:

  •       Liquidity pool – 2%
  •       Treasury 2%
  •       Development 1%

Furthermore, the protocol will supply the reward system with 30 $BNB for every $40 generated in $SDAO. Additionally, it will burn 5 $BNB in $SDAO and 5 $BNB in $SDoge of this amount.

Regarding the Sincere Doge token, the project has established that 60% of the entire amount will go towards the presale. The remaining 40% will represent the project’s liquidity. Moreover, the team will not have any of these tokens. Each transaction involving this token will involve an 8% tax, which the protocol will distribute as follows:

  •       Marketing – 3%
  •       NFT Development – 3%
  •       Reflections – 2%


The development team spent Q1 of 2021 building the project’s whitepaper and website. Furthermore, it created its social media image and marketing campaign.

In Q2 of 2022, the team built the Sincere Doge smart contracts and obtained successful audit and KYC verifications. Next, it listed $SDOGE on PancakeSwap, Coinmarketcap, and CoinGecko.

The team will focus on the remaining months in 2022 to build a loyal community of more than 100,000 token holders. Furthermore, it plans to release its first Sincere Doge NFT, apply for a Coinbase listing, and donate to building an animal sanctuary.

The Bottom Line

Sincere Doge aims to be more than just another Doge-inspired meme coin. Its plans for a secure and lucrative DAO have put the project on the map of web3 enthusiasts everywhere. The team encourages open communication and believes trust, transparency, and community are the 3 pillars of building longevity. Moreover, its dedication to dogs, “the most loyal friends of mankind,” should help attract and unite users with more in common than crypto investments.

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You can learn more about this project by following the links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Unicrypt

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