Six More Cases of Covid-19 Reported After Zhen Yu Yong Positive Diagnosis

The covid-19 pandemic is negatively affecting crypto market prices and disrupting many crypto conferences, as many industry players fell sick.  Ater Zhen Yu Yong announced contracting Covid-19 after attending the Ethereum Conference, six more cases from the conference got reported.

In this case, seven great developers from the Ethereum Community contracted Covid-19 after participating in the Ethereum Conference that occurred on the 3rd to the 5th of March. After Zhen disclosed his Covid-19 status, he encouraged everyone from the Ethereum Conference to get tested.

List of the Infected People from the Ethereum Community Conference

Several attendees of the Paris conference got tested, and last night six more participants of the Ethereum Conference confirmed a positive diagnosis of coronavirus. 

A list of all seven EthCC guests includes Zhen Yu Yong of Torus Labs, Afri Shoedon, Jacques Dafflon author of ERCC-777 token standard, Marco of Gnosis, Johannes Pfeffer of Atpar, Werner Jacob an investment banker and a crypto enthusiast. The 7th case got reported by Lefteris Karapestas of Rotki but the name of the infected person was not disclosed.

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Following the above-mentioned situations, the New York regulators requested Covid-19 preparedness from all crypto businesses, under its jurisdictions.

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