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Smart Lion Coin Review – Features, Tokenomics, and Roadmap

In recent months, we have seen countless DeFi projects surfacing in the crypto market. While most of them are farmer-centered, few are those that embrace 100% decentralization. In other words, not too many of the new protocols currently support full community involvement.

Smart Lion Coin aims to change this status quo. This project should provide its users with innovative features and an interesting Swap service with “untamed” participation.

In this short Smart Lion Coin review, we look closer at one of the latest projects to appear in the market. Read on to discover its features, tokenomics, and roadmap details!

What Is Smart Lion Coin?

Smart Lion Coin ($SLC) is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This virtual coin powers a DeFi platform by the same name that plans to achieve ultimate decentralization.

The platform launched in October 2021, and it is rapidly leaping across its roadmap. Fueling this progress is the Lion Army, a growing community of crypto enthusiasts. They power Smart Lion Coin and work together for the same time. That’s because the project did not evolve from a pre-existing community. Instead, a new group of developers, designers, marketers, and more teamed up to collaborate for the greater good.


Smart Lion Coin’s most exciting feature is the SLC SWAP. According to the SLC whitepaper, this service should help users trade their crypto in a safe, decentralized environment.

The SLC team pledges its loyalty to token holders and promises to expand the SLC ecosystem even further. This should occur with unique design and tokenomics. Also, through technical implementation and meme-powered viral growth, the platform should attract even more industry support. And, as the SLC community grows, so do the benefits for those who are part of it.

Besides the SLC Swap, Smart Lion Coin aims to create an SLC online shop and a charity program. The first feature should facilitate user access to a completely decentralized protocol. On the other hand, the option to donate to charity shows the project’s intention of giving back to the community.

$SLC Tokenomics

Here are some details about the $SLC token we know so far:

  • Token name: SMART LION COIN (SLC)
  • Total Supply: 3,000,000,000,000,000
  • LP Holdings: 20 BNB ($111,584)
  • Available to buy on PancakeSwap
  • Contract address: 0xe6a033e3adbbc6aae211cc538b1e9e234feba04e
  • Slippage : 11


Although it barely arrived on the market, Smart Lion Coin aims to develop quickly and effectively. In this regard, it has set an extensive roadmap, which should guide its future navigation.

As part of the first phase of its roadmap, SLC plans to reach 1,000 token holders. Also, it will reward these early birds with the project’s first airdrop. Another airdrop will take place in the second phase when the protocol will also start burning tokens. This way, it should manage to increase its price while reducing its supply.

For the long term, SLC aims to create a proprietary SLC online shop. Lastly, it wants to reward its users with an SLC credit card.

Final Thoughts

Smart Lion Coin is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain with the objective to reach complete decentralization. Also, the platform aims to involve its growing community at 100%. Therefore, it differs from the crowd by being a token genuinely holder-centered. So far, the project is developing well. We can only wait and see how fast it will mark the many checkboxes in its roadmap.

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