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Solidproof Extends Product Suite with Crypto Marketing Services

The Germany-based security company Solidproof had added crypto marketing services to its product suite. It’s offer includes numerous package deals for publishing marketing material in cryptocurrency-focused outlets, mainstream news sites, and social media.

In a press release shared with CryptoAdventure, the company said it plans to offer all the services of traditional marketing agencies. For example, its solutions include press releases, Ask-Me-Anything’s (AMA’s), and social media posts.

  • It will also feature content on multiple top cryptocurrency websites, including CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com, CryptoPotato, CryptoSlate, CryptoNews, and CryptoAdventure.
  • The company’s announcement reads:

The recent addition of crypto marketing services to its offer gives developing, projects another reason to use Solidproof before launching.

  • Other websites include platforms with global and universal reach, like Bloomberg, NASDAQ, Yahoo, and Business Insider. Furthermore, the company provides bespoke marketing solutions for Chinese and Korean markets.
  • According to the company’s site, its most valuable product includes 20 unique articles about the project in multiple industry publications, worth $35,000.
  • Solidproof was first established as a security firm dedicated to identifying smart contract vulnerabilities in the Defi space. Last month, the company opened its smart contract auto-audit tool for large-scale access. This product costs $800.
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SolidProof secured crucial partnerships with multiple industry firms in the past year, including Unicrupt Network, vEmpire, CULT DAO, and many other well known cryptocurrency projects.

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