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Solidproof Continues to Grow with Crucial Industry Partnerships

Solidproof is one of the fastest emerging audit companies in the crypto sphere. The German company specializes in project auditing, KYC procedures, and high-security data storage. And, its recent industry partnerships show that its premium-quality services are in high demand. 

Furthermore, one of Solidproof’s innovative products, the Automated Audit Tool, is receiving increasing attention. The company has just integrated the placeholder for the auto tool. So, now, users can increase the certainty of their smart contracts with automatic project auditing.

Solidproof is growing rapidly and reaching more and more crypto projects every day. Also, its website has registered an increasing number of visitors. And, that’s just the beginning. Here are the company’s most recent successful collaborations!

Solidproof’s Partnership with Unicrypt

One of Solidproof’s top industry partners is Unicrypt, a decentralized platform that assists upcoming crypto projects with numerous services.

Contrary to other project Launchpad protocols, Unicrypt has a decentralized Launchpad. This means that crypto projects do not need to apply for listing. Also, all processes and features are autonomous. Therefore, project managers can complete every task themselves in a transparent and secure environment.

Unicrypt has a dual token system, including UNCL and UNCX tokens, both valid for various applications. Recent adjustments to its Launchpad now enable anyone to participate in ILO rounds for 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL. Additionally, the platform provides innovative services, such as token vesting, liquidity lockers, token minting, and options for farming and staking.

To guarantee the security of its Launchpad, Unicrypt works with high-performance auditors. One of the only three auditors that Unicrypt recommends to its users is Solidproof

The German company provides Unicrypt users with outstanding KYC procedures. This way, projects can verify their clients and ensure the security of their applications. 

Nowadays, fraud and money laundering pose a significant risk to many startup crypto projects. However, they can reduce it by launching their protocols on Unicrypt’s Launchpad and under the KYC protection from Solidproof.

Advanced Support for ILO Projects

The German company expands its portfolio rapidly with strategic partnerships. For instance, its last three projects involve heavy Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) projects, such as:


One of Solidproof’s most recent partners is vEmpire DDAO, a protocol aiming to prevent a Metaverse crisis.

Additionally, vEmpire DDAO is the first protocol that intends to invade other projects. Its features include DeFi-like staking strategies of Metaverse tokens. Furthermore, it incentivizes its users with VEMP tokens to purchase LAND and NFTs in its pools. Lastly, a part of the profits deriving from the monetization of these polls goes back to the stakers. The remaining profit goes to purchasing and invading other protocols.

vEmpire needs solid allies to reach its goals. And, Solidproof provides the necessary reliability to attract these invasion partners. Furthermore, the company’s thorough and transparent audits should help the protocol complete its mission.


At the end of September, Solidproof struck a strategic partnership with CoinxPad, a multi-chain IDO CEX/DEX launcher.

News of the event helped CoinxPad achieve a 24-hour trading volume of $1,025,184. Furthermore, it boosted its token price by 8.57% in less than a day. It was only the first such partnership for CoinxPad, but obviously a very successful one from the very beginning.

CoinxPad gives other crypto projects the possibility to distribute tokens and enhance their liquidity. Additionally, investors have exclusive access to safe, ingenious crypto projects and long-term profitable blockchain investment opportunities.

BnB Cash

One of Solidproof’s most recent audits was for BNB Fintech and its native token, BNB Cash.

BNB Fintech is an up-and-coming financial technology company. Its mission is to provide everyone with easy access to everyday crypto payments. It uses BNB Cash, a token built on the Binance Smart Chain and which operates on the BEP20 platform. 

BNB Cash aims to be fast, cost-effective, and highly secure. Therefore, it needs a transparent and trustworthy image in its users’ eyes. And, this is where Solidproof steps in to provide the project with a comprehensive and clear-cut audit.

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Today, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) requires high-security solutions more than ever. Solidproof aims to solve this issue and bring more security for smart contracts in DeFi and beyond.

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