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Somnium Space – Where The Blockchain Technology Meets Virtual Reality

The experience of immersion and telepresence is what sends any human into a programmable Virtual Environment. Breaking the ice of Virtual Reality were Antonin ArtaudMorton HeiligIvan Sutherland, etc. through whose foundation and the further developments of other computer scientists have brought the concept of Virtual Reality this far.

The appreciation of the concept of Virtual Reality is rising to the extent that its market value in the United Kingdom was recorded to be about 46.4 million British pounds and yet is predicted to be about 354.4 million by 2020. This incredible market growth has brought along several industries like Amazon, Sony, Facebook, and Apple who are all investing huge sums of money into developing Virtual Reality Applications and Devices. However, most virtual reality products are so rigid that they do not allow users to explore and build up their imaginary ideas.

Others need to be more dynamic; hence users usually get bored with the same virtual environment they see. Finally, to make it worst, it tends to be a total waste of time after spending much time in a virtual world and accumulating huge assets, yet can’t liquidate these at any point in time.

Somnium Space turns Virtual World into Reality.

Somnium Space is putting all these setbacks of Virtual Reality in the past by leveraging on the blockchain technology to increase transparency and give back full ownership to people operating within the virtual world. Furthermore, with an already working virtual space enjoyed by different people, Somnium Space is poised to deliver other amazing features where users can also trade items and artifacts they own in the virtual world. Artur Sychov and the entire team behind Somnium Space have done a great job building Somnium Space to this level.

Their success is not only in words but has also granted them formidable partnerships with Loom Network, OpenSea, Sony, and Admix. With their assistance, Somnium Space envisions itself as the world’s first social Virtual Reality world. Through these partnerships, Somnium Space virtual environment has already been built with live activities where users can interact with themselves, have fun, and explore the virtual space of Somnium 1.0.

How to secure a land parcel in Somnium Space

Somnium 2.0 promises to give users a real experience with their virtual world. It comes with improved features, tools, graphics, and the ability to monetize and own assets with blockchain technology. The Somnium Space team wishes to extend its arms to everyone to be a part of this great vision of establishing Somnium Space 2.0 and making it a reality by partaking in its upcoming Initial Land Offering (ILO). Ideally, 5000 parcels of land will be offered during this ILO, but early adopters of this great vision have taken up 500 of them. The remaining 4500 parcels of land would be auctioned in the upcoming ILO. With an expected market growth of about 364 million pounds in the Virtual Reality industry, this ILO, I believe, is a great opportunity to be a part of this formidable vision.

Crowdfunding in the crypto industry has attracted many unencouraging rumors due to fraud and dishonesty, leading to investors losing huge sums of money for white elephant projects. However, Somnium Space has proven its honesty and hard work to the entire cryptosphere after having successful crowdfunding and seed fund to build Somnium Space 1.0, giving every investor their full confidence in being a part of this Initial Land Offering.

In addition, Somnium Space has established strong partnerships with renowned and reputable blockchain projects to ensure that the token economics are well structured and laid out to bring high liquidity to users. Token economics is the backbone of crypto startups and the triggering factor that brings the most amazing projects crashing down. Somnium Space has planned its token economics from the very start and has taken the necessary measures to keep its tokens’ constant liquidity.

This Initial Land Offering allows every investor out there to own a piece of the incredible Somnium Space. With its improved features, users can build and monetize the assets they accumulate in the virtual environment. By running Somnium Space, one of the world’s popular blockchain networks Ethereum, users can be assured that their assets are safe against any 51% attack. The Ethereum blockchain network’s launch also gives Somnium Space huge exposure in the cryptosphere shortly, hence the more reason you have to get on board during the upcoming ILO. It is expected to see a huge demand for a piece of Somnium Space in this  Initial Land Offering, so don’t miss this early opportunity, and starting prices are the same as Indiegogo prices.


Somnium Space CUBEs live price
Somnium Space CUBEs
price change

The numerous rates at which Virtual Reality products and applications are being developed in the world only show the great future of this industry and its exponentially increasing market value. Somnium Space, through its Initial Land Offering, which goes live on the 6th of October, allows you to own, create content, and monetize your assets in the all-new Somnium Space 2.0. Don’t miss this opportunity of getting a portion of the 4500 parcels of land for sale during this upcoming Auction.

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