Spain Surpasses El Salvador as Third Largest Crypto ATM Hub

Per a CoinATMRadar report, Spain now ranks third globally in terms of crypto ATM installations within its borders. The European nation has pushed past El Salvador to sit behind the USA and Canada.

Spain Now 3 ATMs Ahead of El Salvador

According to the data, crypto users in Spain now have access to a total of 215 crypto-optimized ATMs. Indeed, Spain is responsible for 0.6% of crypto ATM installations around the world. Notably, El Salvador only falls behind by 0.1% as the Central American country holds 212 crypto ATMs in comparison, placing it in the fourth position.

Spain surged to its current spot after installing 43 crypto ATMs this year alone. The Southwestern European nation has revealed in the past that its target for the year is 100 crypto ATMs. Should Spain achieve its goal, its installation numbers will climb to almost 300 ATM s.

Notably, CoinATMRadar reports that crypto ATM installations decreased slightly in September this year. Their numbers are reportedly on the mend with the Bitcoin ATM Industry seeing 7 installations daily globally.

Number Across Other European Countries

The CoinATMRadar report broke down the numbers surrounding crypto ATM installations worldwide. Europe ranks second on the globe with a total of 3.8% of global installations. Spain of course leads the continent hosting roughly 15% of its 1,467 crypto ATMs. 

Switzerland, Poland, and Romania tail Spain with 144, 142, and 135 BTC ATMs respectively. Germany-based electronics retail company MediaMarkt alongside American software firm Confinity is spearheading the adoption of crypto ATMs across these European nations.

Greece is a noteworthy mention with 64 cryptocurrency ATMs at the moment. Athens-based BTC ATM operator BCash commented on how much use these machines see, given Greece’s status as a tourist hub. According to BCash, managing director and co-creator Dimitrios Tsangalidis, there are crypto ATMs in places frequented by tourists. However, he noted, most of the users can be traced to the main city area.

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Tsangalidis also stated that the Island of Crete holds one ATM and reportedly hosts a very “loyal” crypto community.

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