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StackOfStake Announces StakeDrop Feature For Its Users

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StackOfStake, a part of the SCRIV network ecosystem, will launch the Stakedrop for the UBIX network on November 22, 2020, at a random time.

In the upcoming StakeDrop, the platform will allocate 150,000,000 native UBX tokens equally to all participants. To be eligible, retail and institutional investors should sign in to their account at least once a week and stake 50,000 SCRIV along with at least one other cryptocurrency. 

The team behind StackOfStake is always looking for new ways to reward active community participants. Their upcoming StakeDrop provides investors an excellent opportunity to earn irregular bonuses and increased rewards by staking SCRIV. The bonuses will be paid in SCRIV or other cryptos. 

The approaching StakeDrop fits perfectly to the “UBX double APY,” where users who don’t withdraw their UBX till December 13 receive the 100% bonus to all rewards. 

Unique and active platform users are eligible to receive the StakeDrops. The use of fake/alt accounts is prohibited; participants who break this rule may be excluded from this and upcoming StakeDrops. 

Where to buy SCRIV to participate in StakeDrop?

At the time of writing, 50,000 $SCRIV coins are worth $52,45. SCRIV coin is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges such as Stex, Crex24, and Graviex.

Why Choose the StackOfStake Platform?

Founded in March 2018, StackOfStake creates a seamless investment experience for crypto enthusiasts based on Proof-Of-Stake (POS) technology. 

The platform’s exchanger facilitates the trade of cryptocurrencies in seconds and offers prudent portfolio management with 360 degrees analysis tools. Users use the Portfolio Builder to create a staking portfolio in just a few clicks. 

Active users enjoy the advanced management algorithms that guarantee the best ratio between staking and masternodes. The instant rewards compounding and fully-automated management also ensure the highest staking profitability rate.

The StackOfStake team has gradually expanded the variety of offered cryptocurrency projects presented at the service, creating a complex investment platform. 

The platform now boasts features such as a shared masternode and staking pool, crypto exchange, mobile apps, API, and much more.

How To Earn With StackOfStake

Any crypto user can earn rewards by merely HODLing and staking SCRIV and helping the platform maintain the stability and safety of cryptocurrency networks. 

All coins are automatically deposited in a staking/masternode pool maintained by the algorithm called Smart Balancing. The algorithm calculates the optimal ratio of staking/masternode that generates the highest returns for all cryptocurrencies at the platform.

Dividends are distributed instantly after accrual by the staking/masternodes. The frequency at which dividends are produced can vary from 10 minutes to a few weeks depending on a cryptocurrency. 

Users can conveniently track the rewards at the “History” tab and observe the portfolio performance from the “Performance” tab.

All dividends are instantly auto-reinvested with the outstanding balance, allowing investors to earn the maximum yield. 

To add your coins and start earning passive income today, submit the listing form or email to [email protected].

StackOfStake Security And Rewards Features

The security of user’s funds is of utmost importance at StackOfStake. The platform utilizes the most advanced security features to ensure personal data and coins remain safe. 

When setting up an account, users should activate 2-factor-authentication (2FA). They can integrate either the OTP (code) or U2F (hardware device) authentication methods for added protection. 

StackOfStake offers its loyal and active clients several features that allow them to earn extra rewards. For instance, folks can earn up to 15% of the platform fee for simply referring new users to the platform. Each new user must sign up using your referral link

Users will soon get a chance to earn more rewards and pay fewer fees by staking SCRIV and participating in the Loyalty program set to launch next year. 

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Each Loyalty Program level offers certain unique benefits—the higher your level, the more diverse and exciting benefits you receive.

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