Stoner Doge – A Cannabis-Related Blockchain Project Oriented to Charity

It is not uncommon for blockchain developers to create a project to provide charities and non-profit organizations with funding. Stoner Doge is one of the latest examples in this market niche, with its intention to launch a cannabis-friendly project connected to charitable groups in the sector.

Today’s review will introduce the project and its main features to the readers, and it will do so in a neutral way. Eventually, it will only be up to single investors to discover this new initiative and assess its value.

About Stoner Doge

One of the latest figures estimates the so-called “Cannabis Economy” to have an economic impact of $158 billion by 2026. With this in mind, several professionals are considering an investment in the sector.

Stoner Doge wishes to join the market by leveraging the current hype on blockchain technology and the memecoin phenomenon. As the team explained, most cannabis businesses operate on a cash-only model. 

Cannabis shops all over the world could benefit from a safe and secure form of payment, in the team’s view. Let us sum up all the project’s key aspects below.

The Team’s Mission

It is the primary goal of Stoner Doge to raise money for cannabis-related charities. Furthermore, the team wishes to help organizations support all those citizens imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes in the past.

The Aim of Going Beyond the Meme Culture

Dreaming of making the world a better place, Stoner Doge aspires to become the next big memecoin on the market. The team explained that everything the project will aim to achieve would be for the sake of the cannabis community.

As the project’s greenpaper (an evident distortion of the term “whitepaper” in a cannabis-oriented mindset) clearly states, Stoner Doge holders will select cannabis charities and organizations of choice.

In other words, the team wishes to empower its community by enabling token holders to choose the way Stoner Doge should use its funds. This strategy falls into the typical internal governance of decentralized autonomous organizations (or DAOs).

Funded by their transaction taxes, the team vowed to provide each charity with money to help them fulfill their objective. With the use of their social media platforms and a nomination form provided to the market, the company’s founders will gather the preferences of token holders.

Stoner Doge has released a preliminary list of potential organizations for its donations, including MAPS, N.O.R.M.L., Realm of Caring, the Marijuana Policy Project, the Last Prisoner Project, and the Sapphire Medical Foundation. According to the team, there is a chance that more deserving philanthropic organizations will be added to this list in the future.

The Project’s Tokenomics

The $STOGE token has a limited supply equal to 420 billion samples. We already have information about some of the coin’s features, namely:

  • Half of the proceeds from the project’s transaction fees will go directly to the charities selected by token holders.
  • The transaction tax will amount to 4% for token purchase and sale operations on the market.
  • To limit the influence of “whales” on this new project, the team will not allow transactions above 1% of the supply, and it will enforce a maximum wallet size set to 2%.
  • The team explained that all the tokens belonging to the project’s liquidity pool have been burned.

Stoner Doge’s Roadmap

The team has publicly shared a roadmap of its planned activities. Specifically, Stoner Doge will enter the market following the completion of four development phases, as we explain below.

Phase 1

The first phase of Stoner Doge consists of a series of tasks. The team is launching its token and building its community simultaneously. The objectives of the first phases are below:

  • Creation and fair launch of the $STOGE token on the market.
  • Creation and enlargement of the project’s online community via social media channels.
  • Listing of $STOGE on CoinGecko.
  • Completing the first project’s donation to a charitable organization selected by the community.

The team explained that it does not partner with any cannabis charitable organization and plans to help them achieve their goals exclusively by using the project’s funds.

Phase 2

As soon as the team completes the first phase of its project, it will begin working on the following:

  • The “Last Prisoner Project” foundation will receive the first donation from Stone Doge.
  • By this time, the team hopes to overcome the milestone of one thousand token holders.
  • The founders will also look for relevant partnerships (especially among celebrities) on the market, and they will actively engage their community for ideas and support.

Phase 3

When the project reaches the third phase, the focus will be on the cannabis market and purchasing cryptocurrency.

Considering how some celebrities are already close to cannabis-related projects, the Stoner Doge team sees a clear possibility in this market. 

While the founders wish to avoid making promises in this phase, they believe it is essential to clarify that, by the third phase, the project will be able to serve as the “vessel of its community,” to use the team’s words.

Phase 4

Stoner Doge wishes to become the first cannabis-related crypto on the market. The fourth phase of the project was labeled “Go Green” by the team, and it corresponds to the time when the initiative will achieve its adult age.

Stoner Doge – Final Thoughts

Stoner Doge dreams of bringing innovation to the growing cannabis economy by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. All crypto enthusiasts are familiar with the success of the memecoin trend, and the market will soon judge the project’s features and promises.

Ethereum live price
price change

Stoner Doge’s coin is live on UniSwap, as the team explains on its official website and social media pages (Telegram and Twitter).

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