Suseong University in South Korea Announces New Blockchain Campus

Nascent technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are changing the way we do things as they have what it takes to improve our daily activities.

On May 22, Suseong University in South Korea reached a deal with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KORAIA) for the creation of a blockchain and AI campus in Daegu.

The deal will give birth to a new department to teach AI, big data, and cloud-based technology at the university based in Daegu, says local media outlet Money Today. Interested students will be able to apply by 2021.

“Susung University signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association on the 22nd to build a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain campus. In accordance with the agreement, the two organizations promised to create a hub for ABC industry-university cooperation and cultivate professional manpower.”

Kim Kun-woo of the university lauded the announcement as he thinks there is rapid change in the world to a blockchain and AI-based society as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Money Today reported that several blockchain firms in Daegu have agreed to offer training and work experience programs within the campus. The university wants to establish the ABC Convergence Center to come up with ABC-related industry-academic cooperation and corporate support platforms. There will be implementation of user-friendly services to ensure unity between university education and academic administration.

South Korea is still encouraging the blockchain industry even as the government continues to maintain a positive stance regarding the development of blockchain industry in the country. Two months ago, two ministries announced their support for the country’s blockchain industry and they are looking into the allocation of about $3.2 million to fund local startups for the use of such technology.

Last month, the country’s Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance, Koo Yun-cheol, said the country stands to gain so much from blockchain technology, thereby encouraging private sector firms to leverage this potential.

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