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SWFT Blockchain Review: Smart Blockchain Payment Platform

Despite the enormous growth of blockchain in recent years, the technology still needs to overcome many challenges that hamper widespread adaptability. Inefficient transaction processes due to lack of interoperability, low market depth, inadequate inventory capacities, and high volatility are some of the major challenges facing blockchain, which is the basis of cryptocurrencies. 

Nonetheless, every day, blockchain developers look at innovative ways of solving these challenges by launching excellent blockchain platforms. An excellent example of such a platform is the SWFT (Smart Worldwide Financial Technology) blockchain- a smart cross-chain platform for seamlessly transferring cryptos based on different blockchain networks. The platform offers users a comprehensive, instantaneous, safe, and affordable range of cryptocurrency transfer services to enhance efficiency in the expansive cryptocurrency ecosystems. Here’s an uncompromised review of this revolutionary crypto transfer and payment platform.   

SWFT Blockchain Overview

SWFT Blockchain is a next-gen, global cross-chain transfer protocol and payment network that enables crypto users to trade, swap, and play with different coins at low transaction fees. The platform is powered by Swftcoin (SWFTC) and facilitates direct swaps between any two supported coins (without using intermediaries) at the best rates. SWFT blockchain integrates blockchain technology, big data, and AI to facilitate direct swaps between hundreds of cryptocurrencies based on blockchains.  

As such, when a user deposits tokens they seek to swap on the platform, the SWFT protocol will automatically match and swap the token before sending it to the user’s designated address-all in an instant. Thanks to its outstanding transfer-pairing engine, commercial users, including banks, transfer companies, and corporates, enjoy a safer, faster, and more affordable trading and transfer ecosystem. In addition, the transfer platform also supports one-click in-wallet transfers, decentralized transfers, price limit orders, and peer-to-peer payment in a fast, secure, and affordable manner. 

SWFT Blockchain also supports crypto staking and lending within its wallet, enabling individuals and businesses in the crypto space to earn passive income. Being a crypto trading platform, SWFT also offers standard API usage for Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions enhancing cryptocurrency usability. Blockchain developers can leverage SWFT blockchain’s standard API to develop other platforms with different use cases.    

On the platform, which is available as a web portal and an app on iOS and Android, users can: 

  • Securely store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies via a built-in crypto wallet that implements cold wallet security technology and Face/Touch ID. 
  • Make instant peer-to-peer payments or request payments with SWFT pay.
  • Enjoy competitive crypto exchange rates from major exchanges. 
  • Instantly trade or swap between over 200 different cryptocurrencies directly without an intermediary. 
  • Enjoy very low fees when using SWFTC, 0.1% transaction fees when using the SWFT coin, and 0.2% when using other coins/tokens for swaps. 
  • Place limit orders.
  • Keep market track of your favorite coin.     

SWFT Blockchain Review: History and Team

SWFT Blockchain has a fairly short history, founded in the Fall of 2017. The project launched as one of the first startup companies from the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. The project was first described in a whitepaper as “Answer for storing funds and account information on illiquid brought together a platform” by Ramble Lan in the fall of 2017. The project’s founding members claimed that they established it after realizing that arbitrage crypto trading was hampering mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, the reason widespread blockchain usability was stifling.

The team resolved to create a cross-chain crypto exchange platform that prevents arbitrage trading by impeding illiquidity witnessed in different exchanges. Japanese financial institutions first saw the project’s immense potential, leading them to strike a partnership. In January 2018, the first SWFT Blockchain offices were opened in Tokyo, Japan. 

Mr. Ramble Lan, the CEO, leads the SWFT Blockchain team. Ramble has a rich background in blockchain development, having worked with Guiyang Blockchain Incubator as the CEO of Fujian Supply Chain Blockchain Association as the chairman and the founder of Goocoin Inc., the first crypto mobile app in Beijing, China. Ramble is also the current President of the North American Blockchain Association in California, USA. 

Alex Witt-CFO, Christina Rinker-CMO, Zhanlei Ma-CTO, Young Rem-Senior Engineer, and Qian Wan are other team members. In addition, the project’s advisory board comprises Lei Tan, Dou Wang, John Shen, Xujun Lv, Shuoji Zhou, and Lijian Xiong.

SWFT Blockchain Top Features

These are the top features of SWFT: 

Exchange Platform and Wallet

SWFT Blockchain offers an intuitive multi-chain exchange platform to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies across different blockchain platforms via a single click. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, and blockchain technology to offer a safe, fast, affordable crypto exchange platform. 

Specifically, the AI and data mining algorithms allow the protocol to survey the market and select the platform with the best crypto exchange platform, in turn hedging risk. Therefore, users don’t need to be concerned with an inadequate market depth limiting the extent of trading possibilities. The platform is, better yet, linked to global exchanges and OTC markets, allowing for seamless and affordable cross-border crypto transfers. The unique transfer pairing algorithm engine offers commercial users a safe, faster, and more affordable crypto trading and transfer environment. 

The platform also features a built-in secure wallet that supports one-click in-wallet transfers. The wallet is very safe, employing cold wallet storage and multi-signature (Face/Touch ID) to secure user funds. SWFT Blockchain also implements a complete decentralized transfer meaning that users can store their coins in their hardware wallet before/after every transfer. 


SWFT Blockchain also features a built-in payment system, i.e., SWFT Pay. The payment system is a “One-stop instant exchange, payment aggregation platform with access to all major cryptocurrencies payment channels and 99.99% system availability”. SWFT Blockchain developed the payment platform according to its mission: “To Enable Smart Worldwide Financial Transfers: easier, faster, and safer.” 

SWFT Pay supports instant payments currently involving over 100 digital cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM), Tether (USDT), and many more. In addition, the payment protocol facilitates payments via QR codes, e-commerce payments, and social media platforms. Some platform features include SWFT Pay API, social media payments, Red Packets, and Pay and Request Options. 

RED Packet

Red Packet is an exciting, innovative feature on SWFT Blockchain that allows users to introduce cryptocurrencies to their audience. The tool enables users to transfer funds to an individual or group or even perform airdrops by employing social media channels such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Using the tool, you can seamlessly transfer cryptos to your friends, family, partner, etc., via your social media. It can be a great social media tipping tool. RED packet currently supports 31 coins, but more tokens will be added in the coming days. 

Crypto Lending

SWFT Blockchain features a pledged collateral lending service where investors can lend up to 1 million USDT or 100 BTC. The lending process is quite simple and involves only two steps. To borrow on the platform, users must first select the amount of BTC or USDT and then choose the loan period. The platform charges a daily interest of 0.03%. SWFT Blockchain also looks to add a feature where users will issue loans to other SWFT lenders. Lending is an excellent way investors can earn passively from the platform.  


In addition to lending, SWFT Blockchain also supports crypto staking. Users can hold their coins in their SWFT Blockchain wallet and earn passive income. Users earn staking rewards for depositing and holding tokens on SWFT Blockchain. You can use the platform to swap cryptos, pay or make transactions, and still stake to earn passive income added to your daily balances for the supported staking coin. 

OTC Transactions

SWFT Blockchain also supports Over-The-Counter transactions where users can make peer-to-peer trades (P2P) involving cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. However, this feature is currently available to users in China only but will be rolled out to other countries in the coming days.  

Group Coin

Group Coin is a new innovative feature on SWFT Blockchain that enables users, specifically blockchain projects, to sell their tokens at a discount to enhance its distribution and spread awareness of the project. It’s an excellent tool for blockchain projects looking to market their project by making exclusive token sales. 

SwftCoin (SWFTC)

SwftCoin is a decentralized Ethereum-based blockchain asset, i.e., an ERC20 token that powers the SWFT Blockchain. Being an ERC-20 token, SwftCoin functions are similar to other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin. The token is the primary trading fee on SWFT Blockchain exchanges, plus it functions as a settlement and clearing token on the platform. While SwftCoin can be traded to other tokens on the platform, it holds significant benefits, including cutting transaction fees by up to 50%. 

The platform charges 0.1% transaction fees when using the SWFT coin and 0.2% when using other coins/tokens for swaps. The transaction fee when using SwftCoin is significantly lower than an almost similar platform such as Changelly or Shapeshift, which charges a much higher transaction fee of up to 0.5% per swap.    

SwftCoin is the only payment method for service fees on the SWFT Blockchain. Users can also use it on leading transfer platforms and OTC markets. In addition, SwftCoin can also facilitate cross-border payments in traditional financial institutions that have collaborated with SWFT Blockchain and are using its blockchain solution.

SwftCoin is 100% decentralized and doesn’t integrate with fiat currency, thus increasing convenience and speed. As a result, SwftCoin has enormous potential for establishing a common ground for transferring different cryptocurrencies. There are two main means of obtaining SwftCoin: On the Ethereum blockchain and mainstream token exchanges, users can purchase the coin directly from the SWFT transfer platform.  

The coin’s supply is capped at 10, 000, 000, 000 and is listed on HitBTC, badd, OEX, coinbene, OKEx, pro, Flitb际交易所, ACOIN, OTCBTC, T, CEX, and 富比特.  

SwftCoin Tokenomics

The token distribution is as follows: 

  • Private Token Sale– The private token sale took place from August 2017 to January 2018 for  0.005581 USD / SWFTC at an average rate of 680.00 USD = 1 ETH, 7,117.00 USD = 1 BTC. Private sales accounted for 30.09% of the total token supply, raising 7 758 ETH and 1 618 BTC. 
  • Community Initiatives– 19.91%  
  • Team– 20.00% 
  • Business Development-25.00%
  • Research and Education– 5% 

Revenue Sources

SWFT Blockchain obtains revenue through two main means: Transaction fees and service fees. 

  • Transaction fees – Users are charged transaction fees when using the platform. However, a 50% discount is given on all transaction fees paid using Swftcoin. 
  • Service fees – SWFT Blockchain charges a service fee for the services offered, notably: Automatic transfer under complex conditions and Intelligent Quantitative conversion strategies using RNN (Recurring Neural Network) to predict price fluctuations and thus suggest optimal investment strategies. 

Is SWFT Blockchain Legit?

All pointers indicate that SWFT Blockchain is very clear. From a well-known team to a clear whitepaper and a great social media presence, SWFT is a legit project. Moreover, the project has received funding from top venture capital firms, including Draper Dragon, and even won the International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition finals in Shenzhen in April 2019. In addition, the project has made various partnerships and investments with more than 20 financial institutions pointing to its credibility. 


SWIFT Blockchain integrates advanced and local cloud storage solutions to ensure the platform’s security. Besides, the platform has partnered with three cybersecurity firms to offer additional security. The in-built wallets are also quite secure with cold wallet features and security features such as multi-sig with Face/Touch ID required for every transaction. Additionally, transactions are completely decentralized, thus safe. 

Benefits of Using SWFT Blockchain 

SWFT Blockchain offers plenty of benefits, low transaction fees, and convenience. As a result, the platform is likely the most sought-after crypto exchange platform integrating all blockchain networks and exchanges in the coming years. Some benefits of using SWIFT Blockchain include:  

Quick Crypto Transfers– Crypto transfers on SWFT Blockchain are fast and convenient. However, the platform goes to greater lengths to resolve insufficient market depths, sometimes limiting currency transfers. 

Ideal Asset Allocation– By leveraging AI algorithms, SWFT Blockchain can optimally allocate digital assets. The AI algorithm and cross-chain technology also achieve the best order execution prices.

Affordable Cross-Border Transfers-Blockchain platforms facilitating cross-border payments have often charged high transaction fees. SWFT Blockchain makes cross-border payments extremely affordable by integrating AI via deep learning and blockchain technology.  

Common Currency– SWFT Blockchain offers financial institutions and cross-border payment companies common ground, i.e., a unified currency for efficient and secure transactions.

Liquidity– SWFT Blockchain adds liquidity to the crypto space by introducing SWFTC, which can be used to pay for transactions and service fees on the platform, plus exchanges with other cryptocurrencies.

Final Word

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SWFT Blockchain is an innovative, top-notch project that seeks to replace cumbersome traditional cross-border payment systems with an efficient cross-chain wallet, exchange, and payment platform all under one roof. The platform integrates machine learning, big data, and blockchain technology to create a solid platform that enables crypto enthusiasts to swap, trade directly, pay with, and instantly transfer over 200 supported cryptocurrencies. The affordable platform has many features ideal for individuals and commercial users, such as banks. As a result, SWFT Blockchain will help facilitate affordable and convenient global payments and crypto swaps in the coming years.

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