Joins FIFA World Cup’s Official Sponsors

A good example of a cryptocurrency company attempting to increase its profile through professional athletics is's sponsorship of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. FIFA and have struck a new deal to promote the exchange inside and outside the World Cup stadiums. As a reminder, the competition will occur in Qatar from November through December. A Few Words about Presently, includes over 10 million users, and more than 4,000 staff spread throughout the Americas, Europe,… Admits Hackers Stole $34 Million From Users

A crypto exchange confirmed that hackers stole nearly $34 million during Monday's hack. In a Tuesday update, the exchange revealed that hackers stole 443.93 bitcoin ($18.7 million), 4835.25 ether ($15.2 million) and approximately $66,200 in USD. The company faced criticism over its communication after the incident. The company's CEO only confirmed the hack on Wednesday, three days after it took place. In total, the hack affected 483 users. However, said that they fully reimbursed all of them. The… Becomes A Financial Backer Of the Australian Football League has taken yet another foray into the highly crypto-loving world of sports. The exchange recently signed a 5-year deal with The Australian Football League (AFL) to finance the Toyota AFL Premiership Season. It’ll also support the NAB AFL Women’s championship, making it the first crypto platform to sponsor a women’s sports contest. Partners w/ AFL The exchange announced its new partnership in a blog post earlier today. The deal makes the “Official Cryptocurrency Exchange and Official Cryptocurrency…

Two Ads Banned By UK Regulators

While’s advertising spree sees no sign of slowing down, it hasn’t been sitting well with all parties. The digital asset exchange recently had two of its ads banned by UK regulators for containing misleading content. This comes following intense public scrutiny of another of the company’s ads featuring Matt Damon. Encouraging Risky Behavior The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reported the bans on Wednesday. The first of the ads mentioned appeared in the Daily Mail app on September 1st.… Drops Marscapes NFT Collection

Crypto exchange launched its NFT collection - inspired by Mars. The drop was a part of the promotion and their brand film - Fortune Favors the Brave. In addition, the exchange gave out NFTs to users that found a hidden QR code in the commercial. The film, featuring Matt Damon, showed the code in only a single frame. The NFT series contains five unique art pieces with a limited number of copies. The NFTs feature 3D renders of Mars landscapes, together… Launches VIP Client Portal as CRO Token Reached Record High

Crypto exchange is rolling out an over-the-counter solution (OTC) for its institutional and VIP clients. Meanwhile, the exchange's native token is at its all-time highs. On Monday, the company shared a press release about the new solution for its VIP clients. The new portal will allow them to receive instant quotes for large OTC trades. Currently, traders often have to make these trades manually. The solution would let institutional investors and a few VIP retail traders buy and sell… Becomes #1 App On US Google Play Store

Cryptocurrency is hot among American consumers right now, and the Google Play Store proves it. As of today, the app is the most popular product in the marketplace. This comes amidst the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, surging prices, and a hot advertising campaign from the exchange. Record Downloads of Crypto Apps As displayed on Google Play’s front page, is currently the most downloaded free app across all categories. It has grown more popular than TikTok, CashApp, and Instagram.…

Adoption: Crypto Exchange Hits 10 Million Users Globally

Cryptocurrency exchange has hit a global user base of 10 million, according to a recent report. This is a significant milestone for the exchange that has continued to add more products to its ecosystem.  Symbolic Milestone revealed this milestone in a recent report detailing the exchange's growth in the past 12 months. According to the report, the exchange reached a global crypto user base of 10.6 million in January 2021.  The report stated that January 2021 resulted in… and Coinbase To Suspend XRP Trading in January

The fallout from Ripple’s legal case with the SEC continues for the embattled blockchain platform. Popular crypto exchanges Coinbase and have revealed suspension of XRP trading from January for all its users. Difficulties Mounting for XRP The wave of delisting and suspending XRP trading has continued to gain momentum. Coinbase announced yesterday that it had decided to suspend the trading of XRP on its platform. According to the exchange, all trading pairs of XRP will no longer be accessible…

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