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TangoChain Unveils a Play-to-Earn Game Console Feature

TangoChain announces its plan to implement a new play-to-earn game console with unique functionalities. According to a press release, the team wants to offer users access to a wide range of top-tier games, including a play-to-earn option. 

As per the report, the TangoChain team has based its console on the Android operating system. This way, gaming enthusiasts should run an entire catalog of in-demand games developed by A+++ producers.

Moreover, this gaming device integrates an implementation that enables users to convert millions of games to a play-to-earn model. Above all, they can get rewards when competing with their peers.

Tango’s native blockchain game console has an in-built native wallet with a swappable encrypted chip. This feature facilitates the easy management of in-game assets. The console also integrates a plug-and-play function that. As a result, even users with less experience can enjoy games as if they were on a last-generation console.

Advanced Gamification Mechanics for NFT Creators

TangoChain commits itself to offer game creators advanced tools to help them build the best NFT masterpieces. The project team has integrated the ERC-2324 protocol to facilitate robust collections of NFTs that can connect to gaming consoles, mergers, exchanges, and NFT evolution.

The ERC-2324 protocol, an evolution of ERC721 (classic NFT), offers developers a standard design with advanced gamification mechanisms tailored explicitly to video games. Furthermore, ERC-2324 establishes a global standard that simplifies the management of game assets.

NFTs creators and blockchain games on Tango also have access to the Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This feature empowers them to build efficient and tamper-proof smart contracts.

Why TangoChain Stands Out

Tango aims to become the industry standard for blockchain-based gaming. The project stands out from other blockchains due to its 100% specialization in NFTs and play-to-earn gaming.

Furthermore, TangoChain offers native NFT protocols, advanced frameworks, and consensus mechanisms, making it a Third Generation Blockchain. Therefore, the platform can provide better functionality, higher speeds, and lower fees than blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Another factor that sets Tango apart in the industry is its commitment to positively impacting the environment. The project utilizes the Proof of Game consensus. This way, it allows user graphics cards to use computational power while supporting high-quality rendering in games. Besides enjoying the best gaming experience, users also participate in securing the network. And, the best part is that they get rewards for it.

Tango offers its native AGO coin that facilitates fee payments, rewards, and consensus governance on the ecosystem. The platform also boasts a team of highly experienced individuals committed to offering the best blockchain-based gaming experience.

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Tango is well primed to grab its fair share of the booming play-to-earn market as the world’s first blockchain-focused wholly on gaming.

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