Tesla CEO Debates Accepting DOGE as FNTX Allows Buying Condos with Dogecoin

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk set out to ask his Twitter followers, ‘Do you want Tesla to accept Doge?’ in a Twitter poll. The results, as expected, moved in favor of the joke crypto’s acceptance. Elon Musk has been relentless in his support for Dogecoin over the past few months. He termed the virtual currency a ‘hustle’ as a celebrity guest host on the US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

FNTX joins hands with Portuguese Property company 355 Developments to enable its clients to buy luxury homes with DOGE. The Swiss-based company that focuses on exchanges between Real Estate and crypto also aims to involve other virtual currencies in the project, which will commence in Lisboa.

FNTX Simplifies Real Estate Purchases with Cryptocurrency

FNTX’s Co-founder Israel Britton and David Rabbi, the project’s founder, will lead the Real Estate to Crypto initiative. The company stated that users should visit the FNTX Real Estate Exchange portal to purchase a Condo with crypto. They would be able to exchange their digital assets for luxurious properties at the platform or vice versa.

The company has assured its clients that the updates of prices of cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange program will happen in real-time, saying,

“The company’s custody, escrow, stablecoins, crypto exchange, fiat settlements, and AML/KYC solutions will streamline real estate operations and expand investment options for developers and investors.”

Companies Involved with DOGE

The cryptocurrency has gained quite the attention as celebs such as Elon Musk and Snoop Doog have had plenty to say about it. Prominent Businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban announced earlier this year that his NBA team accepts Dogecoin for ticket payments and Mavs merchandise. Mark Cuban has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrency, as his NBA Franchise started accepting BTC way back in 2019.

Crypto ATM service provider CoinFlip began issuing the currency in 46 states back in March this year. According to CoinFlip’s statement, DOGE coins are available in over 1.8K ATMs within the states. 

In conjunction with BitPay, luxury Resort firm Kessler Collection is also accepting DOGE, among other cryptocurrencies. The Multi-purpose hotel company is the first-ever luxury Hotel institution to accept the ‘joke cryptocurrency’ and plans to include more virtual coins in the future. 

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Other companies currently accepting DOGE include AllGamer, BitBurgers, Doge Door, Nordex, and STEEM.

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