Tesla Suspends BTC Purchases Amid Application for Renewable Credits in the EPA

In the hope of profiting from Biden’s move toward a new zero-emissions goal, Tesla Inc. (TSLA.O) seeks to enter a multimillion-dollar US renewable credit market.

Elon Musk also announced that Tesla had suspended car shopping using Bitcoin to raise concerns concerning cryptocurrency’s climate effect.

The electric car manufacturer is one of around eight companies with a pending application for power generation and renewable credits in the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency generates a list with some information, but not names of companies in pending applications.

A Look into the Future?

Tesla’s entry could reshape the renewable credit market developed in the mid-2000s to boost US biofuel investment. In 2020, the market produced around 18 billion credits, now dominated by ethanol manufacturers. The application by Tesla will probably be linked to biogas-related electricity production. 

The Biden Group administration is expected to review EPA applications. This review will outline how electric vehicles can apply for tradable credits under the RFS this summer.

EPA application could attract electric vehicle manufacturers to the renewable energy scheme due to investments for a much-needed infrastructure network. The infrastructure could include charging stations for electric vehicles.

The step may represent the most significant growth of the RFS program established by President George W. Bush to improve rural America and eliminate oil imports from the nation.

However, some in the US refining industry are likely to be irritated by the need to purchase the credits generated by Tesla and other alternative fuel suppliers. Rural farmers see the entry of Tesla as a response to the climate crisis, prioritizing electric vehicles over biofuels.

Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption Issue

The chief of Tesla and SpaceX is a dedicated supporter of cryptocurrencies, and this year has inspired significant changes in the prices, such as in Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

When Musk posted #bitcoin on his Twitter feed in January, Bitcoin surged. His Midas crypto touch was re-opened in February after, in regulatory files, Tesla revealed that he had purchased $1.5 billion Bitcoin and that people could buy Tesla electric vehicles in the cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin has risen this year, climate activists have raised the alarm about the substantial quantities of energy that Bitcoin mining utilizes. That is why Bitcoin transactions to win new coins are verified by mining rigs that comprise powerful computers – often thousands of them working together.

Bitcoin uses as much electricity every year as the entire nation of Argentina, scientists at Cambridge University estimate. Out of this, China accounts for approximately 65 percent of Bitcoin mining worldwide.

Musk said today that Tesla wouldn’t, however, sell its Bitcoin. The company plans to continue the transaction with the crypto as soon as mining transitions into more renewable energy are made.

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He also said Tesla is looking at cryptocurrencies that have more energy efficiency.

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