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The Best Metaverse Projects to Keep an Eye on in 2022

Metaverse is now becoming the talk of the town. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s revelation about Facebook and other platform moving towards the metaverse, people are eyeing the fantastic opportunities that come with it.

The new projects based on virtual reality and other technologies allow different experiences. As Facebook is embracing the metaverse, it will be launching new projects that combine the concepts of VR, cryptocurrencies, and other things.

With 2021 being the year of NFTs and Defi, we will see a rise in the metaverse projects in 2022. So, what are the top metaverse projects that you need to look out for in 2022? We discuss the top 5 in this piece.

The Driving Force behind Metaverse

We understand your excitement about learning the new trends in metaverse coming up in 2022, but before that, we need to understand the basics that are increasing its popularity. First, the metaverse is not new as it was with us in a virtual world and digital assets.

The foundation and the core of metaverse depend on the virtual technology, which enables it to give a virtual experience to the people. Though technology is a driving force, the metaverse uses the metaverse tokens, such as cryptocurrency. As a result, it offers more legitimacy to the online real estate market.

With the growing acceptance of crypto wallet technology, the demand for metaverse blockchain projects increases simultaneously. For instance, you can now treat the items in the games in the same way that you do for real-world assets.

You can purchase digital plots, which have the backing of a decentralized autonomous organization, and trade them. Gamers can now become owners and trade digital assets for a profit. Recently, the reason why many people are talking about metaverse projects is due to Facebook.

The social media platform changed all of its platforms into Meta platforms. The rapid changes from the world’s biggest social media platform are getting the people’s interest in the new metaverse projects. Let’s discuss the top 5 metaverse projects that you need to look out for in 2022.

1. The Sandbox

A revolutionary project taking the gaming world by storm is the Sandbox. Its basis lies on the NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, allowing you to get a completely new gaming experience. In addition, the virtual reality sandbox gives gamers a completely new experience to create their environments.

It enables the user to enjoy digital asset ownership, such as avatar customizations, in-game purchases, and land. You can use this virtual property in the same manner, you do in the real world. Moreover, you can sell the virtual property to earn profits on that online asset through Sandbox.

The Sandbox project utilizes the Ethereum blockchain technology for its SAND tokens. It is a cryptocurrency for users to buy and sell things on Sandbox. One of the best things about Sandbox is that it gives gamers the option to create their content and then sell it to earn profits.

In addition, the growing use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are making it more fun and enticing. Most importantly, the Sandbox has a secure network that gives users the option to trade safely and securely. Furthermore, you can use it for direct conversion into multiple currencies.

And that is not just it. You can also use the SAND tokens to create and trade your own NFTs, such as 3D pixel artwork and make their games. Furthermore, you can also charge a particular amount from anyone visiting your metaverse place in the Sandbox.

2. Decentraland

Decentraland is the most optimal and a pioneer when we talk about metaverse projects. The platform is going through continuous developments, giving the users an up-to-date and vibrant VR platform that’s growth is driven by the metaverse crypto.

As a user on Decentraland, it encourages you to trade digital assets. And that is not just it, as you can also create digital assets as per your preference. Additionally, the thing which sets Decentraland apart is its feature to give 3D metaverse sets.

Creating your digital assets means that you need to have a few coding skills. However, it allows users to create their games. You can build, buy, sell, and even dispose of any virtual property in the game. The metaverse crypto is the foundation of the Decentraland platform.

The platform utilizes its metaverse cryptocurrency known as the MANA. The metaverse crypto for the platform is on the Ethereum blockchain technology that allows players to buy and sell virtual real estate NFT tokens on the Decentraland platform.

Decentraland is a unique project for new users to understand the blockchain platform and the metaverse comprehensively. The comprehensive features make it easy for them to understand the platform. On top of that, players can play the game even if they don’t have a digital crypto wallet.

However, you have to keep in mind that you won’t be able to use all the features you can get with a crypto wallet. Nevertheless, it is still great for new users to research and experience the metaverse. Once these users feel confident, they can leverage the Decentraland platform to its full potential.

3. Star Atlas

The Star Atlas is another great metaverse project to watch in 2022. The platform equips an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) that is great for players looking to explore open spaces and go into new areas.

Here is what the gameplay offers:

  • The Star Atlas shows the events in the year 2620
  • Residents of Star Atlas can buy or conquer the land
  • They can dominate the land politically and use it for collecting resources
  • The players will get a chance to earn rewards through tokens

The problem with the games in the past with a digital economy was that the only publisher benefited from it. It is because all the ownership of all the assets was in the hands of the company. However, that is not the case with the new Star Atlas platform.

The blockchain technology that the platform is using is the Solana blockchain. It provides a unique experience to the gamers with a completely new appeal.

The official metaverse crypto that you can use to purchase the digital assets, tools, supplies, machinery, property, or anything else in the game is $ATLAS. Furthermore, the gaming platform allows you to use a different currency called the $POLIS for the governing rights for the game.

The top feature of the game is that you can get the chance to earn by conquering different regions. In addition, it is an immersive community that allows you to enjoy the game at a minimal cost for in-game transactions.

4. Ertha

One of the metaverse projects worth our attention is the Ertha which uses the gaming elements of the metaverse and the Decentraland in a combination. The play-to-earn game comes with a powerful and engaging back story that grabs the attention.

Ertha’s main objective is to show a real-life simulator on the global level. By doing so, the players can buy up different territories in any part of the world. And not just a tiny region, but they can also buy entire countries and manage them through their companies.

The immersive experience that the platform provides to the players makes it a promising metaverse project for 2022. It mandates players to control their territory and manage it economically and other aspects such as defense. It allows them to become a powerful force in their region.

The games include elements of:

  • Strategy genres
  • Old-school games

You can use the ERTHA token, the cryptocurrency for the game, to buy or sell any digital assets. Moreover, you can also take this currency out of the game and trade it on the various online crypto exchanges.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what Ertha offers to its players. There are many features and opportunities available due to the intricate systems which the players are eager to learn and find out about. New possibilities on Ertha can allow players to get a competitive advantage over others.

They can use it to secure their positions, outsmart their competitors and defeat them, and enjoy numerous other possibilities that come with the game. It is what makes Ertha a top metaverse project for 2022.

5. Metacity

Last but not least, the metaverse project that we need to look out for in 2022 is the Metacity. It is the first-ever first free-to-earn (F2E) which allows players to get a wide range of features, including:

  • A version of Minecraft that is on the foundation of the metaverse
  • The first game in the world that allows players to get a chance to earn NFT real estate
  • Allows you to trade items through its cross-game play

Although Metacity has a similar name to Windows manager open-source software, it is a gaming platform based with the NFT on the foundation of blockchain technology. In addition, the game provides the play-to-earn opportunity due to its P2E model.

Their partnership with Enjin, a company that gives the mining solutions for Non-Fungible Tokens, allows them to offer the P2E model to their players. The thing about Metacity is that it offers the same twists, such as top games.

As a result, it grasps the user’s attention, and they can play the games as per their choice while getting rewards in the game.

Common Features in the Metaverse Projects

One thing that is common throughout all of the above metaverses is crypto technology. Incorporating this technology allows these games to give their players the chance to trade, buy, and sell their virtual assets. However, many other features are relevant to all of these metaverse projects.

We will discuss a couple of these features that are not so technical, making it easy for people who are not tech-savvy to understand them. So let’s get right into it.


Although the growing knowledge for metaverse is regarding social media, all of these projects are rare relating to gaming. However, because of the extensive features that metaverse offers to games, it provides a much better gaming experience.

Social media has a fair share of chances available for brands to advertise. However, the gaming industry can use it to create a dynamic economy, where the players can have a reason to stay in the game due to the asset’s value and other events.

The players can have fun since they have goals that urge them to go further and further ahead. As a result, there are going to continue playing the game and explore the new avenues that the game offers.

On the other hand, game developers can use it to their advantage. The developers can seamlessly integrate the metaverse cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other technologies into the game development process.


The main aim of these gaming platforms is to provide a friendly environment to the player that does not bother them. It is why the economy has to be autonomous for digital real estate to operate flawlessly.

Independence of the economy is something that you will find in all the metaverse projects to ensure their success.

On the other hand, the alternation mode of payment allows the company to benefit from the new technology. They can get advantages through blockchain activities instead of profiting from the players taking the real-world money for their digital properties.

Bottom Line

The growing dependency of consumers in the online world allows metaverse to thrive. Moreover, it transforms that gaming experience with players now using cryptocurrencies to own digital assets.

And with Facebook trying to change its platforms towards metaverse, we can expect to see more developments coming in within a short span. Therefore, these metaverse projects are likely to continue their growth in 2022.

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In addition, we can see development and creators use the technology to bring more play-to-earn games for players. They will try to use metaverse in a better way to get ahead of the other competitors.

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