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The Best NFT Tools to Use

The growing NFT economy brings a whole new set of possibilities to the market. While buying NFTs used to be a relatively straightforward activity, the sector has new complexities nowadays.

It is not surprising to see many NFT tools appearing online in this context. As we will see in today’s guide, investors can benefit from different tools. The list below is not a ranking and mentions tools belonging to many categories.


Using BitDegree, it is possible to identify and analyze various NFT collections on the market. In fact, BitDegree tracks hundreds of separate NFT collections from different protocols.

Many NFT collections belong to BitDegree’s vast database. On top of that, the platform provides a slew of indicators for enhancing your understanding of any NFT. 

BitDegree allows you to build your portfolio and keep track of your favorite NFTs all in one location. In order to make the decisions in this market, you generally need a program like this that keeps track of everything. 

The information you gather will help you understand which NFTs are gaining momentum in the industry.


The next on our list is Moby, a “real-time NFT monitoring” site and a little-known NFT analysis site. Moby is typically a solid choice if you’re looking for a data analysis tool for NFTs.

The project resulted in a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Mints, marketplaces, characteristics, and whale viewing are all at the top of the website. The founders’ idea was to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

The price percentage changes in the market are also visible throughout time frames of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. It’s possible to spot a new NFT project and one that is performing well on the market.

To summarize, Moby is an NFT data analysis program that aims to simplify the lives of traders.

Trait Sniper

Using Trait Sniper, you’ll be able to see your project’s rarity shortly after it enters the market.  NFT analysts can utilize this tool as one of several NFT utilities. 

Trait Sniper focuses on assessing NFT projects currently in development with a clutter-free design. The project wishes to sniff NFT information for investment possibilities based on their rarity score. 

There are free and premium versions of this NFT program, each with varying levels of monitoring access. 

NFT collection rarity scores are easy to find on this tool if you have a premium account. The free version may take hours before alerting you on a newly discovered NFT collection.


On-chain data of millions of wallets are at the core of Nansen’s portal. Nansen’s real-time dashboards and notifications help crypto investors uncover market opportunities. The system also supports users execute due diligence and protecting their assets. 

With the NFT God model, investors can see the rarity of an NFT and access information on the NFTs they own. We’re talking about rarity, sales history, and the most recent traded price of each NFT in a collection. 

Another relevant indicator for examining the collection’s top sales is the Top 1000 Rarity Rank. It also shows the percentage of items with a high rarity score and the total number of sales. 

The number of NFTs with a given feature and its rarity is also available on the tool.


OpenSea is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace. Thanks to the “lazy minting” technique, you can create and list your NFTs on the platform with no fees.

There’s a good reason why OpenSea has become so popular. The portal comes with features that many NFT traders enjoy. OpenSea may be a suitable virtual space for those who like generating art. There’s also a chance you may make some money with an NFT auction. 

On OpenSea, you’ll find everything you may need to enjoy your NFT market experience. For example, you’ll spot instructional videos and blog pieces on how to get started on the website. 

You’ll find details about anything on the website, from taxes to how to mint your own NFTs. OpenSea is a popular website for gamers to make a livelihood from their passion. Gamers, artists, and other creative types may make money by selling NFTs.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a popular data platform for crypto-asset investors and researchers. We’re talking about a tool for researching individual projects, specific sectors, and the blockchain ecosystem.

People of all skill levels can use Dune to query and visualize data from various sources.

The dashboard title, publisher, age, and star rating are easy to spot d in each result. Keep in mind that a dashboard with more stars is more popular. Therefore, you should look for one with the most appropriate title to your interests.

The most trustworthy dashboards have more stars, and this is another factor you should keep in mind.

When you select a dashboard, you’ll see a page that displays all of the dashboard’s visualizations and data elements. Hovering your mouse pointer over the images will reveal several details. Clicking on a visualization’s title will allow you to explore them in further detail.

NFT management software Icy Tools is another common choice for crypto enthusiasts. There is a way for users to check the upcoming minting operations on this tool. Furthermore, you can learn valuable details on specific collections.

With the help of Icy Tools, you may track essential aspects of a project, such as a floor price and holders distribution. Additionally, a FAQ is available for those wishing to learn more about specific projects.

There are two primary methods in which Icy Tools displays information about NFT projects. The trending tab provides an overview of the current market conditions. If you want to find out how the market and NFT blue chips are doing, you may start here.

Another option is to view new NFTS minting and rising interest among collectors and whales through the Discover tab. In order to save your time, Icy Tools has created a calendar of mints on its website.

NFT Bank

NFT Bank is a critical tool that may provide real-time information on investments. The project is gaining traction among investors interested in analyzing the NFT industry.

There are a variety of metrics included in this report, including ROI and other key indicators. Users of NFT Bank may find it an invaluable asset in their quest to keep track of their NFT holdings.

This NFT tool bets on its speed, wishing to be considerably quicker than others. The project’s team also believes in simplicity of use and a broad market offer.

NFT investors can utilize the “Analysis and Signals” tool to identify potential new investments. They may track other users’ portfolios and better understand the market via the usage of indicators.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to get into the NFT industry, you’ll need to keep track of all the upcoming NFTs. There are plenty of NFT tracking tools to never miss out on any trending and famous NFTs in the market.

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Our guide provided a list of popular tools on the NFT market. However, we encourage you to conduct your own research on the matter.

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