The Effect of Electronic Giants Investing in Crypto Wallets

The crypto space introduces different technologies, all aimed at accelerating crypto adoption and reliability. Among the technologies include wallets, exchange platforms, trading bots, etc., all with a vast input in the crypto space. 

However, the crypto world’s growth and current success cannot only be attributed to the platforms’ readiness to advance their technologies. Many non-crypto firms in different fields have increased the development and adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. 

For instance, electronic giants’ investments in crypto have been a significant boost for the crypto world.

What electronic giants have set their feet in the crypto world? Keep reading to find out how Samsung and HTC’s investment in the crypto space impacts cryptocurrencies’ growth.


Samsung is a South Korean technological giant, mostly credited for its enormous contributions to the electronic industry’s growth. The company was instituted in 1969 and was one of the most reliable tech platforms of our time over the past decades. 

Currently, Samsung tops in the sales of electronic gadgets like TVs, refrigerators, computers, etc. It has also taken an immense grasp of the communications world by providing some globally best phones. 

Samsung has competed with other technology giants like Apple and Huawei, creating some of the best mobiles. Some recent statistics show that Samsung’s sales closely follow Huawei in the past years, making it the second most globally selling phone company. 

Last year, this company invested over $2 million in the Ledger company products like Ledger Nano S and Nano X. An investment of this size will help ensure Ledger’s growth. But in what ways?

Enhancement of Security in Crypto Assets

As a mobile giant, Samsung is believed to be a provider of some of the most security-centric phones. Most of its gadgets use customized android systems, which are extremely hard to crack or modify. That makes the safety, reliability, and convenience of Samsung devices to stand out. 

As an investor in the ledger world, Samsung will lead to more security-centered hardware devices. Hardware wallets with additional encryption models similar to Samsung’s will surely give crypto users more taste of protection for their assets. 

Since Samsung has contributed, it is fair to assume that it will engage more in the quality control of Ledger nano; thus, security will be real in crypto. 

Advance Crypto Adoption

Another strong impact that Samsung will have in the crypto industry is driving mass mainstream adoption. Samsung has a big name and millions of trusted clients globally. It has been trustfully serving its clients for decades by providing them with some of the best hardware. 

As a company, Samsung has an extensive reach to almost the most remote places globally and has retail shops, probably in all countries. 

Due to all of the advantages mentioned above, Ledger will not have issues in marketing its products globally- Samsungs big name is enough. Many people will use the ledger hardware wallets because they trust in Samsung. 

People who have never used crypto assets will know of the world, and many of them could want to try it out. As such, the crypto world will be seeing many new users and thus an accelerated crypto adoption

Paving Way for the Release of Samsung Blockchain OS

Have you ever thought of a mobile phone Blockchain OS? How would it perform? The Samsung association with Ledger could be paving the way for Samsung to reach a more significant hand in the global blockchain market. 

Perhaps the company could design its Blockchain, its cryptocurrency, or its OS backed by Blockchain. That will be a significant technological advancement. 

A Blockchain OS would better support all crypto tools like wallets, exchanges, trading bots, etc. That would bolster even better the security and reliability of crypto assets. It’s quite clear that Samsung supporting a crypto firm has excellent benefits in the crypto space. 

Which other mobile company has expressed an interest in supporting crypto assets? HTC!

HTC aiming to Bolster Crypto Adoption

HTC is another technology company offering great hardware options in the crypto space. By launching its exodus line phone, HTC gives a phone that supports both blockchain and android systems. The Android system is, of course, to enable the normal phone functioning and support of applications. 

However, the Blockchain system is dependent on the powerful hardware instituted in these devices, making it easy to support crypto projects like wallets and exchange platforms. It’s easy to hold and exchange crypto assets. 

HTC and its investment in the crypto industry will make the crypto world a safer, friendlier place to tread. In the future, the world should be expecting more HTC blockchain-focused phones


The contribution of technological giants in the crypto space is vital for the growth and mainstream adoption of crypto assets. Among major tech giants that are up for the task include the company Samsung, which has a long history of delivering top electronic hardware for users. 

Samsung made an effort by investing in Ledger company to produce more crypto staff like the hardware wallet. It is quite clear that Samsung’s investment will lead to great strides in the cryptocurrency industry. Achieving security and increasing convenience in the crypto industry will drive faster adoption. 

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HTC added its footprint in the crypto space by launching the Exodus phone. Although the crypto mainstream adoption is currently lagging, many crypto enthusiasts hope that the future has better store things. If more companies join the race, the crypto will go mainstream fast

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