The Most Popular Crypto Coins in The Social Networks

Social media has always been an excellent center of marketing for any business. According to research, as of 2018, at least 97% of fortune 500 companies had tried to use social networking in business marketing. Crypto projects, too, have not been left behind. Every new crypto coin or project often chooses to have social media pages to attract investors. 

However, there are a select number of crypto coins that have proven successful in social media. This guide looks into the five most popular cryptocurrencies on social networks, starting with Bitcoin, the largest crypto. 


There’s no doubt that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the globe. Being the eldest in the crypto family, Bitcoin has garnered immense followership worldwide, with millions of small and large investors considering an investment in Bitcoin. How popular is Bitcoin? 

It is common for many people with little to no knowledge of the digital asset world to mention Bitcoin while referring to cryptocurrency. It is believed, according to statistics, that around 2 billion people have at one point heard of Bitcoin, and there are 20.5 million BTC addresses. 

There are many google ads and advertisements which are about bitcoin or connected to Bitcoin in some way. On Twitter, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency-connected account with the highest number of followers, standing at nearly 3 million. 

Bitcoin is so common that even hackers and criminals use it as a way of scamming people. Remember in 2020 when hackers attacked Twitter and chose to use Bitcoin to scam people. 


Dogecoin is the second most popular crypto asset on the social networking platform. This coin was launched as a meme coin, aiming to gain value advantage of social media presence. However, due to its joke nature, Dogecoin has zero real-world use cases but is widespread. 

How popular is Dogecoin in terms of numbers? When compared to all other meme coins, Dogecoin is the number one most popular meme coin. Dogecoin has over 1.9 million followers looking at their Twitter page, and the hashtags connected to Dogecoin have been vastly used. 

One of the main things driving Dogecoin’s popularity is the influence of Elon Musk. Recently, Elon Musk made a series of tweets about Dogecoin, leading to a gain in investor’s numbers and a sudden surge in the coin’s value. 

However, the popularity of Dogecoin currently is due to the recent tanking in price, to about 19 cents. The coin still takes number 2 as the second most popular crypto. 


Ethereum should be put on the list as the third most popular cryptocurrency in social media currently. Ethereum has been providing excellent services especially connected to the decentralized finance world. The host blockchain allows other projects to launch their services and products by leveraging the smart contract capabilities. How popular is Ethereum? 

Being the second-largest crypto by market cap, Ethereum has been vastly used by many globally and is always considered the second to Bitcoin. In addition, Ethereum has about 1.4 million followers on Twitter, the third-best in the number of Twitter followers. 

Many things are making Ethereum garner popularity in crypto. Foremost, Ethereum has been at the forefront of providing Defi-related services, including hosting, staking, farming and other NFT related Dapps. 

Another thing that has increased Ethereum’s popularity is the high gas charges. There have been complaints all over social media with hashtags like #gasfees and #gwei going round. 

Shiba Inu Coin

Another cryptocurrency that is taking social media by storm is the Shiba coin. Shiba is a meme coin and also a token that helps in running the Shiba swap. The network was launched in August 2020 but has made excellent advancements. 

Like Dogecoin, Shiba’s popularity on social media is because of its meme coin nature. There is a lot of pressure caused by Elon Musk, which has driven the Shibu coin to vast adoption and popularity. How popular is Shiba?

The Twitter page connected to the Shiba Inu coin has over 750k followers as of the writing date. In addition, there are hashtags like #SHIBARMY, #resistanceisfutile, #ShibaSwap, and ShibaCoin, currently trending on Twitter. 


Cardano takes the 5th slot, and the truth is that out of all the crypto assets mentioned earlier, Cardano is the only one trending for the right reasons. The Cardano Twitter community is probably the liveliest in the crypto world.

Cardano takes the 5th spot in the most popular crypto assets because the currency has over 700k Twitter followers on the community page. Another one called Cardano foundation has over 500k followers. Recently, social media crypto enthusiasts are putting Cardano over many other platforms of investment opportunities.

What makes Cardano a highly popular asset today? ADA is one of the cryptocurrencies focusing much on the introduction of real-world use cases. Because of that, millions of investors have been recently interested in the currency. Many are considering Cardano as one of the best prospect investments.

Final Word

After looking into the crypto world, and most popular crypto assets, it’s pretty clear that the coins mentioned above are the most known in social media today. Bitcoin, for instance, has been the most popular crypto asset in social media for over a decade now. However, because of Dogecoin’s number of Twitter followers, this coin has taken the second spot. 

Bitcoin live price
price change

Ethereum is also a highly popular crypto asset, and its connection to the Defi world has made it a prevalent currency. Others like Shiba coin and Cardano are well on this list because of their immense acceptance in social media, as shown by the hashtags used.

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