The NFT Documentary Film of Hip-Hop Legend Tupac Set to Drop on Kalamint

Kalamint, a Tezos based marketplace, hopes to host a documentary series on Tupac Shakur. The series will drop before the end of 2021. Thus, fans of the legendary rapper can have a glimpse of Shakur’s life back in the day.

Shakur’s Early Life on Blockchain

Non-fungible tokens are becoming a good tool for artists and content creators. It gives creatives the chance to establish their work on a blockchain with full ownership rights. Tupac’s documentary projects to drop soon with the same NFT format.

Darrin Keith Bastfield, a close friend of the iconic rapper, will handle the NFT minting process. Keith and Tupac were part of the same rap group, Born Busy. As such, Darrin has complete ownership of the content that will come as NFTs.

In the upcoming series, fans may have access to the Born Busy documentary. Born Busy highlights how Tupac’s life was at the Baltimore School for the Arts. What’s more, teachers and old friends will narrate the rapper’s school life and moments.

More on the NFT Series

The NFT series also presents a book, “Back in the Day, my life and times with Tupac Shakur.” Back in the day is an original piece written by Darrin Keith. The book serves as a remembrance of Tupac’s life with Bastfield in their teenage years.

Darrin’s book could also arrive with 18 chapters once the NFT materials arrive. Each chapter comes with a new cover and hand-drawn art. Users may also have access to Darrin’s script, known as Shakurspear.

The screenplay highlights a romantic series explaining the challenges seen in the art space. Revenues from the NFT are going to promote various art programs which empower the community.

About Kalamint

Kalamint operates as an NFT minting ecosystem combining NFT investors and creators. Today, the majority of NFT projects run on Ethereum’s blockchain. However, Kalamint’s network resides on the Tezos blockchain under the FA2 token standard.

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Working on the Tezos blockchain allows users to experience faster transaction processes and receive KALAM token rewards. Kalamint contains an easy-to-use interface, giving users a comfortable time when gathering NFT materials.

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