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DevourGO – The Secret Weapon of the Digital Foodie: The Industry No-Fee Delivery Pass

In the post-pandemic era, common real-world practices such as ordering food have crossed into the blockchain space, spurring a new type of consumer – the digital foodie.

Devour is a Web3 company, and digital community, transforming something as common as food delivery into a blockchain-based experience with multiple earning opportunities. Its main product, DevourGO, is the first-to-market web3 food ordering & delivery marketplace jam-packed with perks and rewards for active users, restaurants, and more.

The Industry is Devour’s digital No Delivery Fee Pass for DevourGO and a secret weapon for any aspiring digital foodie. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Industry NFT Collection

The Industry is a stunning collection of NFTs that celebrates and recognizes the hard-working professionals in the food industry. In addition, the series showcases the potential of the DevourGO platform, proving how digital asset ownership can be recognized, rewarded, and used to unlock VIP access.

The restaurant industry is where diversity thrives in every shape and form. It is also a dynamic environment where the grinding never stops, albeit often taken for granted. The Industry NFTs pay a vibrant tribute to this fantastic community of workers, and it doesn’t stop there.

Registered DevourGO Industry NFT holders receive $10 a month in $DPAY. Also, they don’t have to pay delivery fees and get 5% DPAYBack on all DevourGO orders. Holding these NFTs also unlock the GoVIP Play-2-Earn Level 4 and beyond, giving access to crypto prizes, loot boxes, and other rewards.

The Industry NFT Collection features 12 Restaurant Worker Positions and as many 1:1 Rare Devour Chefs. It also includes 10,000 Total Membership Passes ready to reward some lucky NFT enthusiasts with a spot in the rapidly growing DevourGO digital community.

Minting an Industry NFT is easy, and it only takes 0.15 ETH. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, connect your wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Wallet Connect) here.
  2. Enter the number of NFTs you wish to mint.
  3. Finally, press the “Mint” button.
  4. After minting, head over to DevourGO and start leveling up your account.

So far, The Industry NFT Collection has amassed over 1,200 digital collectibles belonging to 220 owners. You can check them out at OpenSea and Rarible.

What is DevourGO?

DevourGO is a food delivery & pickup marketplace and the next evolution in web3 dining. The platform has several mouthwatering features, enabling users to gain crypto when ordering meals, enjoy no-fee deliveries, and engage in play-to-earn with web3 assets and digital collectibles.

The team developing DevourGO consists of experienced professionals from the restaurant technology industry. They aim to connect web3, sport, and consumer brand digital community members into a trailblazing hub for innovation and success.

The project has its token for payments and rewards, $DPAY, with numerous uses in the DevourGO marketplace, including paying for food orders or earning rewards through the GoVIP and DPAYBack programs.

DevourGO is live in NYC now and will launch in L.A., Miami, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix in March, followed by other top U.S. cities.

About Devour

Devour aims to be a trendsetting company fusing technological innovations like blockchain, NFTs, and crypto to provide real-world services to an expanding digital community. The company is emerging in an increasingly web3-dominated environment and reshaping tomorrow’s dining economy.

You can start minting The Industry NFTs here and get a head start in the DevourGO community.

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Also, you can learn more about Devour and DevourGO at these links: Devour website | DevourGO Marketplace | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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