The Top 3 Bitcoin Blockchain Explorers For Your Needs

Learning about Bitcoin blockchain explorers is a great way to further your crypto education. These helpful platforms make it easy for regular users to leverage the complete transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain. In the early days, there were only a handful of explorers available. Today, the market is full with an excellent selection of platforms that offer unique features and services.

What’s a Blockchain Explorer

blockchain explorer is a software program that enables users to examine specific details about a particular blockchain. Users can view all transactions that have taken place on a network and much more. These systems utilize advanced API protocols and nodes to provide insight into the current network hash rate, transaction growth, and the overall activity of specific blockchain addresses.

Finding the Right Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer

The Bitcoin blockchain explorers of today have come a long way from their predecessors. These following gen platforms integrate many new options to take your blockchain monitoring capabilities up a notch. Here are the top 3 Bitcoin blockchain explorers to check out in 2021.


BlockTrail or Blockchair offers users a variety of features that make it stand out against the competition. The network began as an Amsterdam-based Bitcoin technology start-up and quickly expanded its offerings to include a multi-sig wallet, blockchain explorer, mining pool monitors, and developer resources.

BlockTrail focuses its efforts primarily on Bitcoin. You can find a vast selection of network stats. This data ranges from network-wide data down to exact details about a specific wallet. You can also see a wallet balance, fees paid on transactions, block feed, and mempool size.

Internet Mentions

Blocktrail offers features that you can’t find on other explorers, such as the internet mentions tool. This protocol searches the web, including top social media channels, to find mentions of a particular Bitcoin address in posts. This tool makes it easy to verify the balance and actions of any wallet on the Bitcoin blockchain.

BlockTrail also offers users an advanced multi-sig wallet. Multi-sig wallets are more secure than traditional wallets because they require two private keys to send funds. This strategy is ideal for corporations or large investors seeking another layer of security on their crypto holdings.

Mining Pool Explorer

Blocktrail integrates some mining pool explorer features as well. Researchers can quickly check the percentage of blocks mined by each mining group. They can also see vital statistics regarding the latest blocks mined by time, by a particular user, and the size of each block.

The platform has a developer’s section that provides more insight into leveraging all this data to further developer’s projects. The network provides access to a secure API that enables real-time integration of blockchain data into other Dapps and platforms. This approach adds another reason why BlockTrail continues to see growing adoption in the sector. 


Next on the list is BlockCypher. This Bitcoin blockchain explorer is well-suited for those new to the market. It includes a simplistic interface that removes all technical barriers from the equation. Users can access real-time data and even embed it into their websites and platforms using the network’s API and widgets.

Notably, BlockCypher provides blockchain explorer features to a variety of networks. Specifically, you can comb through the Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin blockchains. Here you can see details such as balances, transactions, fees, and much more. The network also offers proprietary statistics, including confirmation predictions, payments suggestions, and Bitcoin public address notifications for your cold wallet addresses.

More Responsive than the Competition

BlockCypher is one of the most popular Bitcoin blockchain explorers available for many reasons. The developers claim that the network provides a more responsive and efficient user experience. In most instances, transactions will show on the BlockCypher explorer minutes before they appear on other platforms.

BlockCypher is an open-source project that invites developers to integrate the network into their projects seamlessly. The protocol enables users to sort through blockchain data using a variety of metrics and currency denominations. Specifically, you can sort data using BTC, Satoshi, Bits, and mBTC.


BlockExplorer is another option in the market that has seen considerable growth since its launch years prior. The network is known for its flexibility in terms of data and its easy-to-navigate interface. BlockExplorer is geared towards international Bitcoiners. As such, the platform is available in four languages at this time. Specifically, German, English, Spanish, and Japanese users will find this network extremely helpful.

Like the other explorers on this list, BlockExplorer is open-source and free to use. The network provides a variety of services to both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash users. For instance, you can find crucial information regarding network transactions. Also, anyone can see stats, such as the balance of a particular address. Also, one can analyze past transactions and the input/output of each. 

You can also use the platform to look up details on other cryptocurrencies, including price, market cap, volume 24hr, and circulating supply. This strategy simplifies investing for users. They can find the details they need regarding Bitcoin and maintain an overhead view of the entire market.

The Top 3 Bitcoin Blockchain Explorers to Check out in 2021

There have been a lot of advancements made in the crypto sector since Bitcoin’s launch 12-years ago. Since then, the crypto market has expanded from a few coins into thousands of projects with different technical specs and goals. Luckily, blockchain explorers remain a critical part of the blockchain ecosystem as they provide the transparency needed to keep faith in these protocols. For these reasons and many more, you can expect Bitcoin blockchain explorers to only grow in popularity moving forward.

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