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Tiny Colony Review – The First-Ever Expansive Pixelated Tinyverse

Tiny Colony is a pixelated ecosystem of games, events, and experiences built on Solana that allows users to play without requiring NFTs. It features the first-ever construction and management blockchain game and benefits from the backing of iLogos, the prominent developers of Angry Birds 2, and regular partners of Disney, Ubisoft, EA, Rovio, and DreamWorks.

The project is currently in full swing after striking partnerships with Fractal Marketplace, Twitch creator Justin Kan, and popular YouTuber iJustine. Furthermore, the game raised $2 million on its first NFT virtual land sale on Fractal on February 10. Now, it is on the brink of a new NFT character mint out on April 28.

In this Tiny Colony review, we look closer at one of the fastest developing projects in GameFi. Read on to discover its game modes, features, and roadmap plans!

What is Tiny Colony?

Tiny Colony is a collection of games and experiences growing within a gaming metaverse, a.k.a. the Tinyverse, running on the Solana blockchain. It builds on the booming GameFi sector that has already seen successful projects like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, but it takes a unique approach to the blockchain gaming experience.

For example, Tiny Colony players can enjoy various game modes, including breeding, dynamic battles, and earning rewards in a new play-to-earn (P2E) model. More profit-oriented players can access the project’s developing DAO with full user governance, NFT staking, passive rewards, and trading options. Moreover, thanks to its Solana-based architecture, the Tinyverse should provide fast transactions, minuscule gas fees, and limitless scalability.

Currently, Tiny Colony is gaining substantial acclaim through its rare pixelated artwork and a rapidly-growing Discord community. The project’s energetic surge is due to its expert development team and a fertile $5 million cushion it raised through an IDO and its first NFT sale.

The latter took place on Fractal and marked the start of an important partnership with Justin Kan, the creator of Twitch. This collaboration ensures access to backend APIs, such as a game wallet and a secure and transparent marketplace, both seamlessly embedded elements in the Tinyverse. Furthermore, Tiny Colony has signed strategic partnerships with Cardinal, Merit Circle, GBV, and Unity.

The project team has recently integrated Ernest Cheung, a successful EA Game Producer who has previously worked on household names like Mass Effect, FIFA, and Need for Speed. The team also includes a film producer, several screenwriters, award-winning artists, and blockchain experts.

The Tinyverse Game Modes

Tiny Colony’s primary goal is to offer more than just a monotonous, one-trick pony type of metaverse. Instead, it seeks to provide a versatile gaming experience combining P2E with multiple game modes that should drive user engagement and retention. Players will be able to build and grow complex ant colonies, defend or challenge others into battles, forge alliances, trade, and participate in community events.

Here are some of the gaming experiences with the imminent launch in the Tinyverse!

The Tiny Colony Game

Tiny Colony’s first game is a Construction & Management Base Builder combining fan-favorite elements of games like Oxygen Not Included and Fallout Shelter with unique pixelated artwork. The game should provide early access in late June 2022 to players itching to enter the Tinyverse.

As we mentioned above, the Tiny Colony game differentiates from other metaverse-based games by allowing players to start building colonies without needing any NFTs. This opens the door to users everywhere at lower entry costs. Including multiple game modes and adhering to traditional gaming modalities also separates them from the herd. 

Nevertheless, the game features a myriad of NFTs for those wishing to enhance their gaming experience and participate in Tinyverse community events. These unique add-ons include characters, experience boosters, pets, weapons, collectibles, devices, and vehicles, among others.

Players can build their colonies on basic sets of cells and interact with other base game characters in the Training Grounds. Also, they can earn several kinds of NFTs by participating in various game modes. Next, they can trade them in marketplaces, like the in-game Tiny Bazaar. The team is currently working with Cardinal Protocol, a utility layer for Solana, to develop NFT staking and open lending.

The Tiny Colony Game will also feature two tokens:

  • $TINYBITS – The game’s native token, that allows governance, staking, and rewards.
  • $TEENYBITS – An in-game currency, which players can earn in various ways.

Gladiator Arena (PvP)

This game mode lets players engage in fierce battles between their Mythical Character NFTs. Each battle winner receives loot and a substantial amount of rewards and rare NFTs. Meanwhile, the loser sees its NFT drop precious experience points.

The best part about the Gladiator Arena is that the fighters are not the only users having fun. Other players can join battles as spectators and wager on their favorite Gladiators.

Battle Arena (PvE & PvP)

The Battle Arena takes an even more exciting form in the player-vs.-environment (PvE) mode. Here, players can team up their NFTs in squads of 5 and battle against dark creatures or other player squads. The winners get loot and much-needed experience points. However, the losers cannot use their defeated characters until a specific cooldown period ends.

Tiny Wars

This game mode enables players to form alliances and clans for trade or battles. Upon winning a Tiny War, players receive the largest rewards in the Tiny Colony Events.

Tiny Theater

In this game mode, players can visit other users in their in-game theaters, where they can watch animated short films depicting the Tinyverse history.


While it’s a relatively new appearance in the GameFi sector, Tiny Colony has already completed phase one of its extensive roadmap. We’re talking about its NFT trading on Fractal, which has already amassed $2 million through an NFT virtual sale in February.

The following stages in the Tiny Verse roadmap will see the team release the game’s base builder and Tiny Bazaar in Q2 of 2022. Later on, the developers should launch additional game modes, such as Gladiator Wars, Battle Arena, and Tiny Wars. Meanwhile, features like Tiny Theater and Tiny Slots should be available starting with Q1 2023.

In the future, Tiny Colony should take its final form, that of a Tinyverse, a far-reaching pixelated 3D isometric open-world survival MMO-RPG. This unique universe will host various activities, quests, game modes, community events, etc.

Lastly, it’s worth noting Tiny Colony’s plans to develop an Anime TV series showcasing the Tinyverse. This venture will encompass exciting storylines and likable characters into a fantastic world, building on the team’s film skills and background.

Final Thoughts

The blockchain-based games sector is booming, with new and innovative projects surfacing every day. However, many seem to be just slightly modified copies of more successful games. Initiatives like Tiny Colony show that thinking outside the box is not only possible but also highly promising.

While the game is in ongoing development, it looks towards a highly eventful 2022. Players should mark June 30 in their calendars as the most probable date of early access to the game. Meanwhile, they can participate in the upcoming Tiny Colony Character NFT mint on April 28.

For more information about Tiny Colony, please follow the links below:

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