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Top 10 NFT Projects to Invest in 2022

In 2021, NFTs rose to new heights and managed to draw mainstream attraction. In 2022, it makes sense why so many crypto investors and enthusiasts want to be part of the NFT revolution. Technically, you can use NFTs to distribute assets and validate authentication through the blockchain. It is a new paradigm where NFT rule and run on smart contracts.

Popularity and Practicality of NFT Projects

Although the NFT market is still evolving, there are more than enough NFT-based projects in the market that are bound to get more attraction in 2022. The concept of NFT dates back to 2015, but now there are endless opportunities and use cases attached to the market.

It would be fair to state that the NFT frenzy is far from over. In fact, crypto experts believe that the NFT revolution has just started and will lead to more blockchain adoption. After all, NFTs offer complete art ownership to people that ordinarily only wealthy individuals can possess.

The most exciting and attractive NFT projects in 2022 will prioritize selling limited and exclusive items. From digital art to art collectibles to trading cards to music, there is a massive attraction in the market.

Keeping that in mind, let’s review the 10 best NFT projects that you can invest in 2022:

1. CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks is arguably the most famous NFT project you can invest in in 2022. It comes with an extensive collection of 10,000 computer-generated punk characters. But each punk has its own features and personality, and the distinction of each character allows you to quantify collectibles’ value. The launch of CryptoPunks was a huge success. Furthermore, the CryptoPunk with the highest value sold for 124,457 Ether, accounting for $532 million.

2. Proof of Beauty

Proof of Beauty is another impressive NFT project that documents the Ethereum blockchain history. The idea behind Proof of Beauty is to celebrate and champion Ethereum blockchain history and raise more awareness. HASH is the first round of the NFT series by Proof of Beauty. It allows you to convert your blockchain transactions into compelling NFT artworks.

Most notably, Proof of Beauty has been the source algorithm that made CryptoPunk purchase by Jay Z possible. In layman’s terms, Proof of Beatty integrated transactions and turned them into beautiful shapes, textures, and color combinations.

3. Virtual Reality Land

VRL or Virtual Reality Land is a unique NFT project. In terms of investing in NFTs go, Decentraland is at the top of the chain. On Decentraland, users can monetize any piece of land through real estate development. The appeal and potential of VRL continue to grow in the NFT world. In fact, many investors made NFT amusement parks, museums, and casinos to monetize land. On the other hand, VRL also works as a speculative investment that investors can sell later on.

4. Decentraland

As the title suggests, Decentraland works as a decentralized virtual reality hub through Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to curate and monetize applications and content. With Decentraland, users can buy virtual plots, trade unique digital collectibles, create custom avatars, and much more.

In Decentraland, users need NFTs and fungible tokens to participate. Connectivity with a crypto wallet via a web browser is also essential for users to set up their new avatar. Think of it as a virtual passport that represents users’ virtual identity. Decentraland has MANA tokens that users can buy from several crypto exchanges to purchase land and other assets.

5. Flow

Launched in 2020, Flow has become a playground in the NFT market. In fact, Flow has become a hub to build a new generation of games, apps, and digital collectible items. Flow works on a single layer of blockchain technology that has been the foundation of many consumer-based blockchain applications. From Top Shot to Dapper Wallet, Flow offers its developers a chance to build and trade a particular NFT.

6. The Codex Project

Codex is another decentralized blockchain-based title registry to authenticate and verify NFTs. This platform has made it easier for NFT creators to create a collectible record that can travel in the digital realm. This protocol allows potential buyers to authenticate the identity and check ownership history through Codex Viewer. It is a simple mechanism that gives NFT collectors more confidence to purchase authentic products.

7. Top Shot

NBA’s Top Shot is a custom blockchain-based app that supports the trading of collectible items. Top Shot is among the NFT projects that made NFTs mainstream in 2021. Since the launch, the blockchain-supported application has become ideal for trading various collectibles. And instead of Ethereum, the Top Shot app is built with Flow blockchain. NFTs on the Top Shot app contain memorable game moments and video plays like play statistics and trading history.

8. Ethereum Name Services

ENS or Ethereum Name Services is a domain-naming NFT platform. Users can opt for non-fungible domain names and integrate with NFT marketplaces like Rarible. With ENS, you can also receive any type of cryptocurrency, token, or NFT to the domain name. It is a great way to launch private, decentralized, and secure websites. In fact, over 238,000 domain names exist on the ENS platform already.

9. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has become one of the most successful NFT projects. In fact, Axie Infinity paved the way to make play-to-earn NFT model the new standard. But unlike other similar NFT projects, Axie Infinity is simpler and revolves around “how” efficiently players collect battle and breed creatures or Axies. These Axies are NFTs that you can profit from or continue to play to get more tokens.


EQIFI is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that allows users to borrow, invest, and lend in ERC-20, ETH, and fiat currencies. Despite a decentralized platform, EQIFI has a dedicated bank to enable users to gain full access to its products, such as credit cards and multi-currency accounts. With EQIFI, the democratization of banking services is moving in the right direction.

2022 NFTs: What Can You Expect?

The integration potential of NFTs with decentralized finance will become the basis of future projects. Furthermore, NFT management projects will feature more support and copyright management through blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Dai, and Polygon. More NFT projects will support crowdsourcing and appraisals to establish and boost the value of NFTs. Plus, value-driven NFT projects will become the center of attention and allow investors to gain more exposure.

Final Thoughts

NFT auctions will continue to garner more attraction and make blockchain adoption more mainstream. In fact, the NFTs’ future will propel more growth in the DeFi space. As a result, it would make rare collectibles and acceptable art items more valuable.

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Besides, digital artists now have the opportunity to sell their NFT collections on a wide range of platforms. The current momentum of the NFT market hints at exponential growth. Each NFT project brings something new and will play a crucial role in developing the NFT market for years to come.

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