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Top 3 Mobile Exchanges for the On-The-Go Investor

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile markets anyone has ever seen. Due to its relatively nascent nature, the market shows vast fluctuations, with some coins claiming more than 70% volatility in a single day. Of course, this volatility goes way beyond their risk profile for most investors, but some in the crypto community enjoy and are thrilled by such a challenge.

Investors who like to take advantage of volatility and want to make informed decisions periodically must stay updated and instantly apply their strategies without wasting time. Time is crucial; even a small delay might hinder any investor’s profits.

Mobile exchanges are the lifesavers for the “on-the-go investors,” allowing them to execute strategies anywhere and anytime. Unlike traditional trading, wherein one must wait for the market to open and conduct business, crypto trading happens 24/7. It waits for no one. Therefore, mobile exchanges, such as the ones discussed below, come in handy as they help the investor by showing charts, minimizing information, and trading without hindrance.

Let us discuss the top mobile exchanges currently in the game:

Coinmerce – Best Mobile Fiat ⇄ Crypto

Coinmerce created a centralized trading platform where users can exchange their cryptocurrencies in a borderless transaction in seconds. This platform’s most prominent feature is converting cryptocurrency to Fiat currency directly into the customer’s chosen account and vice-versa without using multiple platforms and exchanges.

One of the important reasons Coinmerce focused on a mobile cryptocurrency exchange is that mobile applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites. They perform actions much faster and store the data locally on the device, portraying heightened privacy. But there are other reasons one should use the Coinmerce app.

All mobile app users can instantly take advantage of Coinmerce’s services, accessed by a tap. They allow users to consume their content quickly, offering a seamless experience via storing vital data that can be accessed offline. Another significant advantage is that the app shortens the time it takes to execute an order or a strategy. Furthermore, Coinmerce’s UI ensures its users don’t get confused with too much information but enjoy the minimal UI to its fullest potential.

Bitrue – Best Mobile Full Trading Experience

Bitrue is a simple and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange. The company has invested a lot of time and money into perfecting its user experience, which ended up being a smooth, painless, worldwide service. So it’s no wonder that success followed the service during its opening months.

The Bitrue exchange’s decision to adopt its exchange into a mobile application has only led to a rampant increase in customers. Moreover, unlike other mobile exchange applications, Bitrue’s native app allowed greater flexibility and heightened user experience. As a result, it’s considered by many as one of the top-notch trading applications ever.

Users can participate in the periodic contests hosted by the exchange, lend cryptocurrencies in exchange for yearly interest, and even trade cryptocurrency without hindrance.

SWFT Blockchain – Decentralized SWAPs On-the-Go

The SWFT Blockchain is a crypto-swap platform allowing users to exchange one cryptocurrency without the hassles of a traditional custodial exchange. SWFT provides a simple and seamlessly fast platform for the single-click exchange of digital assets across different blockchain platforms. Offering its service to 100+ crypto assets, SWFT allows its users to take advantage of the seamless infrastructure.

As mentioned in a previous review on SWFT, on a traditional exchange, any person willing to trade must first register with an exchange, get cleared with the KYC documents, deposit funds in the hands of a third party, bear the counterparty risk and finally start trading. However, with the SWFT Blockchain mechanism, a trade can be executed with a single click. One posts a swap requirement, wait for the blockchain to find a pair, and have their wallet credited almost instantly.

SWFT mobile apps are a great way to reach out to potential customers. It enhances the customers’ experience by building the best mobile app to swap cryptocurrency instantly without hassle.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin live price
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In conclusion, one must realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile applications cater to the crypto investor, and there won’t be any shortage on this side in the future. Thus, it is essential to remember that no matter how complex an exchange portrays, minimal design with an efficient experience pushes maximum penetration. Coinmerce and Bitrue, and SWFT have proven to use this principle. This, in turn, has helped them satisfy their customers better than the rest.

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