Top 4 Bitcoin Trading Bots You Should Consider Using in 2021

The enthusiasm around cryptocurrencies is taking over the global market as a study estimates that the trading volumes have surpassed the $160 billion mark at the time of writing. Mainstream projects and ecosystems available on the internet today provide financial services designed to fit users’ needs. 

However, despite the unprecedented rewards that come with trading cryptocurrencies, it is challenging to keep track of your trades and make the most accurate decision. Solid trading decisions play a significant role when performing trades to make the most out of your earnings. 

Therefore, leveraging crypto bots for trading purposes will ultimately be convenient for investors and mitigate the possibility of human error. Bitcoin trading bots facilitate a comfortable trading environment for users. It makes an in-depth analysis of the market and helps users secure funds without wasting any time or resources.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trading Bot

Crypto trading bots are software automation agents that undertake trading activities on behalf of investors. The task of researching for a useful bitcoin bot can be problematic, particularly to newbies in the market. Nonetheless, practical determinants need to be put into consideration before selecting an automated bitcoin-based trading program. 


The majority of the platforms today strive to develop an easy to use bot application. Some trading bots may bring along in-built strategies ready to be implemented. On the other hand, different ecosystems may require you to customize your trading mechanisms. Either way, depending on your level of trading experience or technological knowledge, it’s advisable to select a user-friendly bitcoin trading bot that you fully understand.

The Team and Audience Reviews

Bots with promising results consequently receive positive remarks from its audience. At the core of every self-executing program is a goal-oriented team with plans to attract mainstream investors. Negative feedback from the community can impact the bot selection decision as the user will opt for a more convenient platform with less discriminative reviews. 

Deposit Requirements

Capital is a fundamental need for investors in any field since it’s the foundation of any long or short term investment. Bitcoin bots that eliminate the minimum initial funding requirements can lead to losses if the software malfunctions. Furthermore, venture capitalists have to start with what they can afford to invest in countering the pinch of unforeseen risks.

The Most Convenient Bitcoin Trading Bots

Technological advancements continue to unravel in the cryptocurrency market as the need for automation grows in demand. It can be tiresome to frequently conduct manual trades, which most times end in financial losses. To implement an accurate trade mechanism, we evaluate some of the best bitcoin bots you can employ.


Established in 2018 by a group of skilled developers and traders, Mudrex is a vast bitcoin trading bot with a capacity of 7000+ users. Its impressive interface is simple to use, giving new traders an easy time when navigating. 

Mudrex only operates trades via the API giving investors full control over their funds. Managing your funds guarantees safety on the trading bot. Additionally, the software supports many exchanges, including BitMEX, Binance, Coinbase Pro, and many more. 

An eye-catching feature that stands out on Mudrex is that it incorporates a trading builder test engine that examines its trading potentials on your behalf. Users can bring the trader into play after successfully testing it, giving them the freedom to create bots and a user’s preferred strategies. Trial charges cost $0, while the premium plan is worth $16 per month.


Shrimpy is a world-class social trading bot that offers real-time data collection and serves crypto trading activities. At Shrimpy, users can formulate a long-term mechanism after merging with crypto exchanges. The software bot allows users, mostly beginners, to copy whatever strategies other traders adapt automatically. 

Shrimpy further enforces security measures by encrypting each API key and storing the keys in a hardware security model to maintain the utmost privacy. A total of 120,000 trades are handled daily as the portfolio ecosystem records an accumulative value of $1 billion. 

To promote an incentivized community, investors on Shrimpy can become social leaders, meaning that it grants $4 monthly income to participate in Shrimpy actively. Professional charges per month go for $19, whereas the hodling prices are free of charge.


Bitsgap’s unique architecture allows investors to access close to 10,000 trading pairs and trade in 30 crypto exchanges through the bot’s dashboard. Bitsgap ensures every investor goes through a 2FA procedure before logging into an account in terms of security. Payment package deals on the Bitsgap bot are quite flexible. 

The lowest package costs $19 monthly and is accompanied by two bots. Advanced package deals go for $44 inclusive of five bots. Finally, the pro package is valued at $110 monthly, which comes with 15 bots. Moreover, all the start-up packages trade at volumes ranging from $25,000 to $100,000, and new users receive a 14-day free trial.


Quadency is another bitcoin trading bot with a modernized interface supporting both regular and institutional investors. The platform uses a distinct trading model known as an Algorithmic Execution Framework, giving accurate market analysis and quicker trading speeds. 

Trading charges range from $49 to $99, integrating exchanges like KuCoin, OKEx, and Gemini, to mention a few. Token swap features are available on Quadency, converting digital assets at fair rates on DEX ecosystems directly from a user’s wallet. 

Security protocols are not left behind, as Quadency encrypts confidential data like password logins and API keys to eliminating any breach.

Author’s Note

Bitcoin bots have become a beacon of hope for inexperienced traders aiming at maximizing their profits. Trading software is a fundamental asset that may fuel crypto mass adoption as it facilitates a stress-free automatic trading system. Considering the volatility levels of bitcoin and other altcoins, it’s evident that crypto bots guarantee precise trading actions. 

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Furthermore, security measures need to be fully addressed because bots are computer-based programs prone to hacking or manipulation. Users must be mindful of the type of bots they select, from possible rewards, security features, and ease of use. Provided investors take the right steps and implement effective strategies, earning an adequate amount of income from crypto trading is possible.

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