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Top 5 Crypto Audit & KYC Providers on Arbitrum

The days of unaudited projects, suspicious developers, and unverified investors running havoc in the crypto space are over. Today, the industry’s main actors agree that only complete transparency and security can help blockchain fulfill its latent potential. That’s why audit and KYC companies are central to building a safe and reliable Web3 environment for everyone.

New projects can rely on crypto auditors to build better smart contract codes. Meanwhile, development teams can pass Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification to ensure potential investors of their credibility and good intentions. This way, the latter can make better-informed investment decisions in an increasingly secure and thriving crypto space. Simply put, everyone wins from top audit and KYC services in the blockchain industry.

Read on as we unveil the best audit and KYC providers available on Arbitrum – the Ethereum layer-2 platform dedicated to decentralization, security, and growth.


Defimoon is an international blockchain development and security company specializing in security audits for smart contracts, KYC & KYB verification, and AI. Projects operating on all the world’s leading blockchain networks can use Defimoon solutions to boost security and gain credibility.

Defimoon stands out from other crypto audit firms because it does much more than verify smart contract codes and validate development teams. The company develops complex Web3 protocols and collaborates with global leaders in improving blockchain and making it more accessible.

Moreover, Defimoon develops and employs AI and machine learning algorithms in its processes to create new and exciting products. One example is, an automated on-chain KYC platform with a built-in machine learning core for user and business verification. This service improves KYC verification by comparing user-provided data with extensive AML & CTF databases. is another AI-fueled product from Defimoon. This decentralized application (dApp) on Astar Network allows users to stay liquid while staking their ASTR tokens. This way, ASTR holders can “double-dip” their assets by taking while yield farming. is currently the most widely used DeFi project in Japan.

Defimoon issues grants for auditing new projects listed on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. This policy led to its recent partnership with industry-leading exchange BitMart. Their joint grant program rewards the winning project with a thorough, deep, high-quality audit of its smart contracts.

Lastly, Defimoon is an official partner of major launchpads and consults with projects that have experienced exploits or hacks to understand the vulnerability’s source and prevent further issues. Additionally, the company provides tailor-cut solutions and competitive strategies to boost its clients’ success odds in an increasingly competitive market.


Certik is one of the earliest pioneers in blockchain auditing services. The company has been spearheading the research and development of security solutions since its launch in 2018 by professors from Yale University and Columbia University. Its goal is to boost safety in the Web3 world and make the crypto space a more feasible environment.

The company leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology and a comprehensive suite of tools to secure the industry at scale. It offers protection and long-term monitoring for blockchain-based protocols and smart contracts with top-shelf solutions and up-to-date innovations.

Certik’s Web3 Security Audit is one of the most sought-after services in auditing. Its methodology consists of a mathematical approach to smart contract testing. This tool goes beyond the usual verification by reviewing the code’s logic. This way, it guarantees the program using said smart contract works as intended.

In its nearly five years of operations, Certik has audited over 4,000 projects, identifying more than 63,000 issues. This includes auditing tens of thousands of lines of code written in all major smart contract programming languages. Furthermore, the company has formally audited over 200 projects built on the most used blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon.

Penetration Testing is another top-quality Certik product. This tool helps developers find project flaws in the early development stages and avoid malicious attacks. The company’s Web3 penetration testing service uses the same tactics and tools as hackers. This helps secure wallets, exchanges, and other decentralized applications.

Lastly, Certik enjoys the partnership and support of some of the industry’s top brands, including Binance Lab, CoinMarketCap, and KuCoin. Its constant progress and innovation make Certik one of the most reliable and mainstream auditors in the crypto space.


Solidproof is another industry-leading crypto auditor with impressive growth and consistently good reviews. The Germany-based company specializes in identifying vulnerabilities and risks in smart contracts through manual and automatic methods. Furthermore, it provides high-end KYC verification services and brand-boosting marketing solutions.

Since launching in 2022, Solidproof has accrued nearly 800 clients in its rapidly growing portfolio. During this period, it audited over 760 projects, and KYC verified over 300 teams and developers. Some gold-status projects in its inventory include Arker, Baks DAO, CoinxPad, and Cult.DAO.

The Solidproof team believes in constant collaboration and dialogue with its clients throughout the auditing process. Its expert auditors perform in-depth source code verification and notify the project’s developers about potential bugs. After solving these issues, the verification repeats until the smart contract code is free of loopholes, vulnerabilities, and other issues.

Solidproof performs in-depth KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications on project developers. This procedure involves checking client-provided personal information and a live call with one of the company’s KYC specialists. The German firm also runs background checks and an internal review before green-lighting the developers’ credentials. This process is so successful that Solidproof’s stamp of approval has become an industry standard in KYC verification.

Recently, Solidproof has expanded its offer of top-quality services with lucrative marketing solutions. The company provides several packages to help startup projects build awareness and gain community support. In addition, clients can opt for several promotional tools, including press releases, social media posts, and content on popular websites like Cointelegraph, CryptoAdventure, and CryptoPress.

Lastly, Solidproof helps projects with blockchain consultancy, shilling, and professional translations. Its far-reaching network allows clients to reach Asian markets, including China and Korea, and trend on prestigious price-tracking websites, such as CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, and


Hacken is a well-known and trusted blockchain security auditor dedicated to making the Web3 space safer. The Ukraine-born project has an expert team of over 60 certified engineers providing all types of auditing and verification. These solutions include Smart Contract Audit, Blockchain Protocol Audit, dApp Audit, Penetration Testing, and CCSS Audit.

In over five years of experience, Hacken has built a solid portfolio of over 1,000 clients. More than 1,200 projects and 50 cryptocurrency exchanges have applied for its services. Furthermore, the company has struck over 180 partnerships with important industry brands while employing over 100 professionals.

Smart contract auditing is a client’s favorite among the long list of Hacken services. The company helps startup crypto projects enjoy secure first steps in the industry. Hacken professionals help new developers avoid costly mistakes and launch their first crypto initiatives safely and sustainably.

Additionally, Hacken helps mature crypto companies and established DeFi enterprises improve their development speed. Clients can opt for the company’s advanced auditing tools to lower the risk of hacker attacks and update their security standards. This way, their teams can focus on growth and reach important roadmap milestones faster.

Hacken pledges to increase transparency in the Web3 environment and its Proof of Reserves service is integral to that mission. This independent audit ensures that the exchanges’ on-chain holding of cryptocurrencies matches the users’ balances. In addition, it gives customers more power to audit cryptocurrency exchanges’ transparency. Alternatively, it improves the credibility of exchange platforms amid market chaos.


MixBytes is a leading DeFi auditing company that helps decentralized projects identify and prevent smart contract exploits. The company employs a professional team of security researchers and blockchain auditors specializing in EVM-compatible blockchains and projects built on Polygon and Substrate. Their ultimate goal is to make decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 more efficient and secure.

Clients can opt for in-depth project auditing with MixBytes, and the company claims it can find as many bugs as possible in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price. This process includes reviewing the project’s architecture, checking the code for vulnerabilities, consolidating the auditors’ interim report, fixing bugs, and re-auditing.

Thanks to its comprehensive verification methods, MixBytes has earned a spot in the exclusive club of top crypto auditors. That’s how it collected significant brands in its customer list, such as Aave, Yearn Finance, Curve, 1inch, PowerPool, and more.

Besides helping projects improve security, MixBytes also seeks an educational role in DeFi. The company provides free courses for developers from its blockchain researchers and practicing auditors. These courses enable developers to learn a new high-demand profession, upgrade their current skills in blockchain security, and pave the way for a safer era in the crypto space.

Since its inception in 2017, MixBytes has developed into a reputable crypto auditor with an impeccable track record. The company has audited over 300 projects during this period, and their smart contracts have not reported any hacks since.

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There you have it! Our top five crypto auditors and KYC providers on Arbitrum include the most efficient auditing services for blockchain projects in Web3 and DeFi. In addition, companies like Defimoon, Certik, Solidproof, Hacken, and MixBytes aim to make the crypto space safer, more transparent, and lucrative for everyone.

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