Top 5 Multi-Blockchain Explorers to Check Out

Blockchain explorers are a critical component of the decentralized ecosystem. These protocols enable users to search for a particular piece of information on the blockchain, such as a transaction or wallet balance. Blockchain explorers have come a long way since crypto’s early days. Here are the top 5 multi-blockchain explorers to check out.


Blockchain offers more options and networks than Blockchain.com. The network enables users to search across 17 different blockchains from the convenience of one easy-to-navigate explorer. Users save time and can leverage advanced trading tools to better their monitoring capabilities.

Users can also access a variety of features exclusive to the blockchain. A streamlined Node explorer enables users to research details regarding each network participant. A privacy meter option also ranks your transactions depending on how easily it can trace them. 

Another cool feature is the anonymous portfolio tracker. Users can track their holdings with confidence using this system. There’s also a printable receipt feature that allows anyone to provide paper proof of transactions on the blockchain. Lastly, the Node Bump feature enables users to speed up their node synchronization.


The TokenView blockchain explorer provides you with more than just block explorer data. For instance, it allows you to access helpful market stats and much more. TokenView provides access to +100 explorers from the convenience of a single window. There’s also an excellent selection of tutorials and instructional videos to increase your skills.

Developers can leverage TokenView’s Multi-Crypto Blockchain Data API & Node Services System to stay in tune with the market. This system lets you search through networks based on their characteristics. For example, you can find data for DeFi platforms and Dapps directly from the dashboard. 

TokenView also provides users with a mining profitability calculator. You can see details such as what your rewards will be and what mining rigs give the top performance at this time. Users can monitor mining pools directly as part of this feature. This added selection and features have helped TokenView steadily increase its market positioning over the last few years. 


CoinMarketCap is one of the most reputable data sources in the market. The platform has earned a reputation for providing timely and accurate data to investors. As part of this approach, the network integrates a multi-chain explorer. Users can monitor BitcoinEthereum, Litecoin, and Binance Chain transactions with ease using the platform.

CoinMarketCap provides users with a plethora of other information to improve their market insight. There are digital guides that explain why explorers are essential and how to use one properly. The entire platform follows a no-nonsense approach when compared to the competition. There are no bright colors or distractions, just helpful information.

Users can search blockchains based on various criteria, including market data, recent blocks, transaction views, Bitcoin UTXOs, and much more. Additionally, the network provides users with access to all of its other helpful information. For example, you can check which coins are trending, the biggest gainers and losers for the day and the projects recently added. 


BlockCypher is another blockchain explorer packed with new features and services. The network boasts it’s the fastest and most responsive explorer available. Transactions appear on this explorer sometimes minutes before some competitors. Additionally, the entire platform is open source, so developers can integrate this data to make more valuable Dapps.

Some other cool features provided by BlockCypher include the Gas Fee estimator. Gas is the network’s cost for a transaction. During times of extreme congestion, like with Ethereum at the moment, gas fees can skyrocket. This calculator enables you to see just how much you will pay before you commit to sending your funds. 

Another helpful option afforded to developers is the ability to embed widgets. You can now have up to the minute blockchain data on any website simply by embedding the BlockCypher widgets. This option streamlines website development and provides the network with an extra layer of value.


Founded in 2011, Blockchain.com has long been a pioneer in the market. As the first explorer available to the public, the platform served a vital role in Bitcoin adoption. Blockchain.com is the most prominent blockchain explorer in the world at this time. The network has over 31 million verified users across +200 countries. As such, it has conducted over a trillion dollars in crypto transactions since its launch.

Blockchain.com provides users with a streamlined way to monitor transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. For years, Blocckhain.com was the only way for non-technical users to access vital Bitcoin blockchain data. Today, the platform offers many helpful features, including an exchange, advanced wallet, charting features, and developer tools.

Blockchain.com also empowered developers to create more advanced Dapps via the introduction of an advanced API protocol. This API simplifies block data integration across the board. This strategy improves the average investor experience by enabling them to use third-party Dapps that leverage Blockchain.com’s advanced network and data. 

Top 5 Blockchain Explorers

Blockchain explorers continue to play a vital role in the market. These protocols enable developers and investors to stay ahead of the curve and verify exact details regarding a network’s performance or actions. For these reasons, blockchain explorers are set to remain the best option for anyone seeking more insight into the specifics of a decentralized network

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Now that you understand what blockchain explorers are available, you are ready to improve your market overview considerably. All of the networks listed have earned a reputation for providing accurate and complete data. Each of the platforms also introduces some unique options when compared to the rest of the pack. As such, you may find one better suited to your investment strategy than another. 

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