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Top 5 (NFT) Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Projects To Watch in 2022

The gaming industry is transforming as we speak. The sudden surge in blockchain-based games using the play-to-earn (P2E) model has undoubtedly attracted the attention of a subset of gamers. For those gamers, playing games is no longer just a hobby; it’s a means of income. So, if you want a slice of that pie, you should keep an eye on these play-to-earn NFT projects coming in 2022.


HeliconNFT is an ambitious ecosystem that brings together NFTs, DeFi, and gaming. It gets its inspiration from ancient Greece and its culture’s rise to dominance through a revolutionary new market, the Agora, and the creation of democracy. HeliconNFT has an impressive list of features to justify the inspiration, but the ultimate goal is to serve as a platform for games, players, and developers worldwide.

Main Features

  • One ecosystem to rule them all.
  • Every in-game item can be an NFT, including characters, cosmetics, buildings, entire worlds, and mods.
  • Players can monetize virtually every in-game item, as long as it can be minted through the HeliconNFT Marketplace.
  • Users will be rewarded for participating in the ecosystem by publishing content, writing articles, etc.

The Game(s)

HeliconNFT seeks to bridge the gap between centralized gaming and decentralized blockchain technology (gamers’ wallets in this case). The aim is to provide a platform for gamers to play together but earn revenue as individuals and take their wallets with them whenever they want.

To date, HeliconNFT has announced one game to be developed in-house, which they’re calling Helicon Titan, while they are also approaching developers and publishers to onboard their games.

Titan will be an ever-expanding metaverse where players can participate in numerous activities. For instance, they can develop their avatars and fight against mythological gods. Additionally, they can equip their heroes with armor, skills, and weapons. Not only are all of these tradeable NFTs, but each can evolve and even breakthrough misuse. 

Helicon Titan players can choose between various battle modes, including PVE and PVP, to gain rewards, upgrade their NFTs and earn valuable loot.

There are no limits on who can publish their game through HeliconNFT, however. The only requirement is that they support the use of HDT, but even then, unique in-game currencies can be used on a per-game basis. HeliconNFT sees its platform to empower developers to generate revenue from a less intrusive revenue stream than blatant micro-transactions while also enabling gamers to benefit from the same revenue model.

Planet IX

Planet IX is a blockchain-based game with an eco-friendly approach. Its infinite universe enables players to venture far and beyond in search of NFTs. When they find them, they can collect or trade them in the game’s NFT marketplace. Also, they can reap other rewards from engaging in this fascinating play-to-earn world.

Main Features

  • A multiplayer strategy game where players compete to accumulate virtual land.
  • All in-game assets are non-fungible tokens.
  • The game unveils chapters periodically, which contain new NFT collections.
  • Every chapter has several mini-games.

The Game

Planet IX is a massive online multiplayer strategy game running on the Polygon blockchain. It consists of virtual land parcels, PIXs, which are up for grabs. Players have to compete and collaborate to get as much of this land as possible.

The game’s design includes real-world locations in a video game-like universe. And, very much like our planet, this world is struggling with humans’ impact on the environment. In this regard, it guides its users to develop without damaging the surroundings.

The virtual parcels have a 1:1 ratio with fields on our planet. They appear in a grid-like system, and users have to discover them before claiming their virtual property. Also, having several PIXs in close vicinity enables a user to mint new NFTs on the platform.

The game story in Planet IX unravels little by little. Users need to pay attention to the next chapter to be eligible for NFT collections and mini-games. However, to increase their chances even more, they can unite in alliances and fight together for the greater good.


Illuvium is one of the most anticipated NFT games of 2022. It will run on the Ethereum blockchain, and it seeks to attract a global community of NFT collectors and gamers. Also, the concept is straightforward. Players have to compete across different landscapes to hunt deity-like creatures, Illuvials. And, the game’s motto is “Fight for ETH.” So, you know from the start that the game will be intense and challenging.

Main Features

  • Players can monetize almost all in-game items, including skins, weapons, farmed materials, and Illuvials.
  • Users can bet on battles to boost their income.
  • Autochess and Teamfight are the game’s primary tactics.
  • Integration with Immutable X makes the game gas-free for peer-to-peer transactions.

The Game

Pokémon fans will appreciate Illuvium, which features similar characters but with an enhanced design. To catch these deity-like creatures, you won’t need a Poke ball. Instead, you will have to rely on sleek crystal slivers that capture the monsters inside. Basically, they are blockchain shards.

Initially, the game will have 100 unique Illuvials. However, with the game’s expansion, players will see more of these creatures roaming the land. Therefore, they will always have new NFTs to battle, capture, and monetize.

Illuvium should launch for early adopters at the beginning of 2022. Also, it should release a mobile version by the end of next year. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the game is free to play. However, if you want to compete better from the start, investing in in-game items could give you an advantage.


Another 2022 NFT game that deals with the fight against pollution are Sipher. This platform immerses the players into a new universe, Sipheria, where environmental catastrophes have killed almost everyone. In fact, only 10,000 Sipherians (NFTs) are still alive. They are all part of the Shiba Inu and are available in limited supply.

Main Features

  • Sipherians have programmable emotions, which add to their uniqueness.
  • Ultra-rare sub-class NFTs will also be available in limited numbers.
  • The game will start at Block Genesis, only to expand later to other worlds.

The Game

Sipher gamers can choose between three game modes. The first one, Expeditions, will see the player’s character travel the universe and attempt to solve quests. In return, it will earn various in-game items, including costumes, minerals, and others.

The second game mode is Player versus Environment. Users will have to challenge various NPCs to gain in-game currency, experience, and items. Lastly, the third game mode will be PVP, making players fight each other for similar rewards.

Sipher will also have its marketplace. There, users will be able to sell the items their gather and monetize their activity in the game.

Through all of these, players can earn items and in-game currency, of course. And the best thing is, these items can be sold in the Sipher Marketplace once it’s up and running.

Lastly, Sipher is still in development. However, it is looking to launch its first playable demo in March 2022.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas proposes a “vast world beyond imagining” with its limitless universe that gamers and NFT collectors can call home. Players will not only engage in space battles but in governance as well. This way, the platform can incentivize its power-hungry users with more than just rare NFTs.

Main Features

  • Players can choose between 3 factions, each with different characteristics.
  • Gamers will have to compete for every in-game item to monetize their game time.
  • The platform gives NFT holders full ownership over the assets they earn in the game.

The Game

Space nerds will most likely love this NFT game due to launch in 2022. Star Atlas features every wet dream of interstellar enthusiasts, including space battles, interplanetary trade, and more. Also, users will be able to own space stations, which would be the equivalent of land in Planet IX. So naturally, almost everything they can earn and hold in the game is an NFT.

Star Atlas should become a player’s favorite even for those who are not crazy about interstellar war. For instance, the game emphasizes economy, and those with financial acuity can amass a fortune. Also, they will be the game’s go-to players for resources, trade, and war supply.

In September 2021, Star Atlas launched the first out of its four development phases. Although the exact release date is not available yet, we can expect the game to launch in late 2022.

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There you have it – top 5 (NFT) Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Projects To Watch in 2022. Keep an eye out for these releases and be the first one to join the exciting play-to-earn models they provide.

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