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Top 5 Play-To-Earn (P2E) Tokens to Invest In 2022


In 2022, you can earn a consistent income by playing a wide range of video games. Contrary to naïve misconception, video games are no longer limited to traditional content creators or e-Sport athletes.  Through P2E or play-to-earn, gamers can monetize their actual playing time through buying or selling in-game NFTs.

When the average gamer completes objectives, the exchange of crypto rewards comes into play.  You may not be aware of it, but many people got into NFTs and crypto through play-to-earn games. So it is hard to separate P2E gaming without bringing NFT into the fold.

Today, many impressive games are rising as NFT gaming projects with first-ever IGOs. Since their inception, NFTs have transformed the entire gaming industry. Besides, there is always something exciting about blockchain NFT games.

NFTs have paved the way for crypto-based gaming to garner more profitability and increase trading activities. The fact that you can trade specific in-game items or characters with players is a dream come true for crypto-based gaming enthusiasts.

Understand the Nature of NFT Games

Video games have become central to the growth of NFTs. After all, NFT-centric video games allow you to monetize your creations and make it possible for players to earn crypto rewards through content engagement. In NFT-based video games, items, avatars, and characters have become incredibly popular.

Players can collect these items to support, trade, and play with other players. In terms of value, it all boils down to the rarity of an object. Nonetheless, you create smart contracts to set how you want the NFTs to work within a specific game.

In layman’s terms, smart contracts help gamers define the scarcity and attributes in a game and determine the “right” value in the NFT market. In addition, there are some P2E NFT games designed for metaverses where players can get rewards for improving skills or simply playing the game.

The focus of this article is to give you the top five choices of play-to-earn tokens to invest in 2022:

1. ILV (Illivium)

Illuvium is a blockchain-based open-world game with an RPG setting. In terms of game objectives, players get to travel in a fantasy-driven world to catch and defeat creatures that roam the land as Illuvials. After players get Illuvials in their collection, you can use them to battle against top-rated players. At the same time, you can compete for new quests and challenges set in the Illuvium’s storyline.

Illuvium has one of the best graphics for NFT play-to-earn games in terms of visuals. The fundamentals of Illuvium come down to collecting and personalizing NFT Illuvials. But each Illuvials has its respective class and affinity. So players can expect to see five different affinities and five classes in the Illuvium. And each affinity and class represents specific strength or weakness.

Once you start to win more battles and finish quests, your Illuvials will become incredibly powerful. Within Illuvium, players can trade all in-game items and Illuvials in the NFT marketplace. In addition, players can also earn Illuvium’s in-game dedicated currencies such as sILV and ILV.

Players can buy these tokens on Binance and stake them on Ilivium’s platform. However, when it comes to the gameplay of Ilivium, players have to capture overall 150 Illuvials throughout the game. With the help of these collected Illuvials, players can battle with other gamers and win significant rewards. As of February 2022, the cost of 1 ILV (Illuvial) is $716.82, which has increased since the game’s release.

2. SIPHER (Sipher)

Since the threat of pollution, scarce resources, and disastrous natural catastrophes continue to increase, Sipheria comes into play as a newly developed universe. In Sipheria, you can migrate to build a dedicated universe and co-habit the space with other inhabitants.

Although the current number of Sipherians is fairly tiny, most Sipherians have managed to mint NFTs and continue to trade in the NFT marketplaces actively. One of the most remarkable aspects of Sipher is that it takes direct inspiration from Shiba Inu, the famous Japanese dog breed. Over 10,000 Sipherians consist of the Inu race.

You can play Sipher in three different ways when it comes to gameplay. First, players can play the game through Expeditions. The second option to play the game is through Player vs. Environment. And last but not least, the third option allows players to play against PVP or other players.


Arker is in a league of its own in terms of rewarding players through cryptocurrency. Arker and the legend of Ohm is another incredible play-to-earn NFT game that allows its users to trade crypto in exchange for money. The players’ objective is to recruit heroes from different classes and support them in their quest to fight and defend the Ohm city.

Players ultimately get to increase their Arker loot and accumulate a lot of value. In Arker, players have the luxury to entertain and earn in-game rewards in the form of crypto at the same time. As a result, most players win the battle against other gamers and earn tokens.

With the PVE option, players can earn rewards on in-game items. Players can also trade these items in the NFT marketplace. Furthermore, players can compete and win battles in special events, daily missions, or guild wars.

Although the rules of each gaming option vary, players are free to sell their valuable NFTs to earn a sizable profit. On the flip side, players can decide to collect NFTs until they render significant crypto rewards. The goal of Arker is to make crypto gaming more diverse and include content that appeals to professional gamers.

4. ATLAS (Star Atlas)

Star Atlas works as an MMORPG game with an intergalactic universe set in 2620. In ATLAS, players collaborate and compete with other gamers to extend the exploration of the metaverse. It can include building new cities, owning land, trading with other players, adventures, and performing quests.

ATLAS features an impressive 3D world in VR setting to optimize the user experience for players. In the Solana ecosystem, ATLAS is one of the best P2E games. Star Atlas’ marketplace supports two cryptocurrencies, POLIS and ATLAS. Through blockchain technology, ATLAS offers a futuristic P2E gaming experience to players.

It is vital to understand that ATLAS is its universe with a unique economy that reflects and represents real-world tangible assets, value, and ownership. This is the main reason ATLAS propels players to mine, purchase, and explore the metaverse. As a result, many players decide to run their spaceship crew and hang out in the ATLAS metaverse to find hidden treasures and riches that can be mined or staked.

5. AXS (Axie Infinity)

Axie Infinity or AXS is arguably the most popular play-to-earn game in the NFT space. In AXS, players can earn SLP or Smooth Love Potion and convert the collected portion to make money. One of the main reasons players love Axie Infinity is that the rules and mechanics of the game are pretty straightforward.

In Axie Infinity, players need to breed Axies to create new Axies. And depending on your overall Axies, players get random chances to improve stats. For the most part, players use Axies to go head-to-head with monsters or complete with other AXS players.

Most players find it easy to exchange SLP tokens for Ethereum on a DEX platform like Binance or Uniswap. In 2021, the market capitalization of AXS was over $42 million, and the projected sales growth of the game is bound to hit $1 billion in 2022. So it is no wonder Axie Infinity has the most expensive collection of NFT.

The primary use case of AXS is that players can sell their Axies or “eggs” in the NFT marketplace for Ethereum. Some of the most expensive Axies that players have managed to sell range from 200 to 300 Ethereum. If you’re not familiar with AXS, the NFT game takes direct inspiration from Pokémon etymology and ultimately developed it on the Ethereum-based blockchain.

Collectively, AXS has millions of cure fantasy creatures as Axies that players can battle, trade, raise, or collect as digital pets. The idea behind Axie Infinity is to make P2E rewards more convenient and efficient to earn for its users.

Final Thoughts

Interestingly, each game has its mechanics and rules to earn. On the other hand, some games require a small initial investment. Nonetheless, play-to-earn games have made it possible for users to extract value out of in-game activities. And the best part is that the reward can be in the form of an NFT, a cryptocurrency, or increased value of an already owned NFT.

Illuvium live price
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In retrospect, P2E games have achieved what old-school video games couldn’t – rewarding players for their in-game efforts. As of now, P2E NFT games continue to dominate the crypto landscape. Once the NFTs become mainstream, the play-to-earn concept in line with NFT projects will reach new heights in the coming years. In hindsight, it is a perfect time to leverage the P2E NFT momentum and earn big prizes and rewards.

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