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Top 5 Smart Contract Auditing Companies

Deploying a smart contract on the blockchain without auditing can quickly spell “suicide” for most projects. Nowadays, hackers are constantly looking for potential code errors and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, most users have the necessary experience to know they cannot trust unaudited DeFi and crypto protocols.

Fortunately, no project has to launch unaudited, especially with the abundance of professional auditors in the industry. These experts can check smart contracts in-depth, detect errors or vulnerabilities, and suggest fixes. Simply put, they increase a protocol’s chances of launching successfully and building community trust.

Here is a list of the top 5 smart contract auditing companies that help make the crypto ecosystem safer!


Chainsulting is an auditing and development company for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) & Digital Assets.

  •       Consulting on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and digital assets
  •       Penetration testing & Smart contract audits
  •       Blockchain development and architecture
  •       dApp development

The company’s goal is to help projects identify risks while providing comprehensive solutions and opportunities. Also, the team seeks to develop tools that ensure blockchain-based protocols launch and operate securely.

Chainsulting has over 30 employees located in the headquarter in Germany and remotely around the world. The company stands out in the industry thanks to its unique auditing techniques. For instance, its expert team of auditors conducts a world-class, multi-step smart contract security audit to help projects prevent DeFi hacking.

Its professional auditors combine a comprehensive auditing process with professional reviews to increase the probability of a secure smart contract. In addition, at the end of every audit, Chainsulting provides a security compliance certificate to improve the community’s trust in the DeFi platform.

Lastly, the company’s long record of efficiency makes it one of the most sought-after auditors in the industry. Some of its clients include prestigious brands, such as DAI, 1Inch, POA Network, and Unicrypt.


CertiK is a security company that uses cutting-edge formal verification technology to evaluate the safety of crypto projects. It works closely with cyber security experts to create efficient end-to-end tools. So far, the CertiK professionals have audited over 188,000 lines of code and secured over $6.32 billion worth of assets.

Some of the CertiK professional services include:

  •       Security Audit
  •       Penetration Testing
  •       Smart Contract Scanning

The company also offers two innovative products helping protocols increase their security standards. The first one is Skynet, an intelligence engine powering the security scores on the platform’s proprietary Security Leaderboard. This service ensures 24/7 security analysis for smart contracts.

Another CertiK feature is SkyTrace, an intelligent, intuitive graph tracing tool. Clients can use it to visualize the risk of fraud between BSC and Ethereum type wallets. Additionally, it helps them detect and trace suspicious flows to and from their wallets.

The aspect that sets CertiK apart from the competition is that it employs mathematically-tested methods to validate smart contracts. To this end, the team has developed a public blockchain, CertiK Chain, to leverage its formal verification platform. This way, it tests and validates the security of decentralized projects. Some of its collaborators include Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, and DHVC.


Solidproof is another German security company specializing in project auditing, KYC procedures, and high-security data storage. Their team consists of expert auditors and industry professionals with several years of expertise in the industry.

Some of the Solidproof services include:

  •       Smart Contract Auditing
  •       KYC Checks and Standards
  •       DocuSign Forms

The company allows clients to request a custom package containing some or all of its services. Additionally, Solidproof ensures a high level of security for its clients’ data under the German DSGVO law. To this end, it stores all customer data on a private server that only the company can access.

Recently, Solidproof has launched an Automated Audit Tool, which should help clients inspect their smart contract codes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Solidproof performs manual audits to help developers identify vulnerabilities in their codes. Some of its most recent clients include Etna Network, PulseX, ShibaMoon, and Daima Token, among many others.

Lastly, the firm has struck strategic partnerships with prominent industry brands like Unicrypt, Etherlite, and Pathfund.


OpenZeppelin has developed into a reliable security company after developing the OpenZeppelin Contracts as Solidity libraries. Since then, numerous projects have used them to test their smart contracts before deploying them on the blockchain. Additionally, the firm focuses on smart contract security and audit services.

Some of the OpenZeppelin products and services include:

  •       A Solidity library of reusable and secure smart contracts
  •       Defender – A platform to automate smart contract operations
  •       Security audits from start to finish

The company understands the challenges of building decentralized applications. To this end, it provides an extensive suite of tools to help projects overcome the lack of proper development. Also, its private and secure transaction infrastructure should support them to automate Ethereum operations and deliver high-quality products faster.

Some of OpenZeppelin’s most popular audit reports involve prestigious names, such as Compound, Maker, Augur, Brave, and Centre Token.

Developers can use OpenZeppelin’s native SDK to integrate OpenZeppelin Contracts in their projects. Also, they can use the company’s gamification elements, such as Etherenaut, to identify smart contract errors. This game engages users into a Web3 – Solidity war game to hack smart contracts, thus discovering vulnerabilities and bugs.

Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits is a network of developers looking to identify and fix loopholes in smart contracts and devices. They provide a versatile suite of software security tools ranging from smart contract audits to blockchain development. Their proprietary solutions include Crytic, Slither, Privacy Raven, Lifting Bits, and Echidna.

Some of the most popular services from Trail of Bits include:

  •       Software Assurance
  •       Binary Analysis
  •       Blockchain Security
  •       Software Hardening

Additionally, the company provides clients with high-end cryptography and infrastructure security. Furthermore, Trail of Bits offers a Threat Modeling service. Through it, organizations can understand and prepare better against cyber risks. The company’s experts test and analyze projects to determine the probability of compromise. In the end, they calculate a risk score and suggest actionable remediation steps.

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Lastly, Trail of Bits has developed several services, including the now popular AlgoVPN. So far, the team has successfully collaborated with prestigious industry brands, such as 0x Protocol, Compound, NuCypher, and MakerDAO.

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