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Top Five Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers in 2023

Crypto coin trackers are websites, apps, or other programs that allow you to manage your cryptocurrencies and track how your funds vary. These trackers link with an individual’s crypto wallets, so it is easy to get information on how crypto markets vary in value consistently. The trackers are essential to many people who have ventured into crypto trading, considering that there are over 84 million active crypto wallet users globally.

These coin trackers are vital because they record transactions and other useful information that may not be available from other sources. These trackers also give an outline of your portfolio and so it is easy to manage your cryptocurrencies. They are also essential for accounting and taxation purposes because they provide records that government authorities may need.

So, what makes a good crypto tracker? And which are some of the best. This article gets into all the details you need. 

Features of the Best Crypto Coin Trackers

There are so many trackers available in the market. So, what qualifies one as the best? If you are looking for a crypto coin tracker, here are the outstanding features you should have in mind: 

  • Safety and Security- An excellent coin tracker should ensure that the crypto portfolio data is safe from fraudsters. Data leakage on your crypto portfolio information might leave your crypto wallet vulnerable and lead to funds loss. Therefore, your tracker should have excellent security properties such as two-factor authentication or multi-layer encryption. 
  • Sharing Options- Crypto community members should be able to share useful information. When crypto traders are aware of the market changes, they can act accordingly regarding crypto trading. A tracker with sharing options is, therefore, a logical choice.
  • A Clear Layout- Your coin tracker, should be easy to operate and understand. One should be able to view all of his crypto information and the changes made with time on that layout. 
  • A Wide Range of Available Cryptocurrencies Coins and Exchanges- A crypto trader may want to operate with various cryptocurrencies. A valid tracker should give a variety of coins and exchanges to use. Coin trackers should also provide traders information on crypto holding when operating with multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • Reflect New Additions- A quality tracker should provide new information in the crypto market. Market updates enable traders to make sound decisions on exchanging their cryptocurrencies. Your tracker should also notify the crypto trader of new prices and trends. 
  • Record-Keeping- Your choice of crypto coin tracker should be able to store all crypto trading transactions. A tracker with record-keeping features is an excellent choice.

Best Crypto Coin Trackers

The cryptocurrency market is fluctuating and unpredictable, and you can quickly lose your money. Therefore, trackers are essential in recording your crypto trading information and keeping your data safe and secure. Here are the best crypto coin trackers to use in 2023: 


CoinStats tracker manages all your cryptocurrencies from one place. You only need to link your wallet and exchange accounts to CoinStats or add information manually. This tracker tracks up to 20000 crypto rates from over 500 exchanges. In addition, the tracker has great analytic tools that help compare and analyze crypto market trends and enable traders to make the right decisions. 

CoinStats has a sharing option that allows crypto community members to share data, which is important for making informed market resolutions. 

Delta app

Delta is an ideal tracker for low-level and medium-level traders. It is a mobile-based app and offers some free versions. This app provides excellent analysis tools that help compare market trends for the right decision-making. 

Delta crypto coin tracker supports over 15000 crypto coins and over 400 widely known crypto exchanges. The free version of Delta connects with only two accounts, while the premium version connects with as many exchange accounts as possible. The tracker has a feature known as Delta Direct that provides the latest crypto updates for traders to understand. In addition, your market is better. You can list cryptocurrency information with the Delta tracker because it has a clear layout.

One limitation of the Delta app is that you cannot acquire or sell coins directly. Also, the free version of this tracker offers only two exchange accounts, and you have to pay for the premium version to experience better features. 

Binance Tracker

Binance tracker is the best for high-volume cryptocurrency traders. This tracker supports more than 20000 cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Binance tracker offers a comprehensive trading platform and a clear layout, which gives an overview of traders’ portfolios.

You can get detailed market data with this tracker to help you understand the market trends and make sound trading decisions. Binance tracker also guarantees high security and encryption for traders’ crypto information.

One limitation of this tracker is that it is impossible to buy currencies directly using the Binance tracker.


CryptoCompare tracker is best for traders with multiple cryptocurrencies or those who prefer to hold some coins and sell others separately. This tracker provides a web interface and a mobile app with no charges. 

CryptoCompare allows for comparison because you can create charts and graphs that help you analyze your crypto information consistently. CryptoCompare also regularly gives market updates, which enables traders to make informed decisions on cryptocurrency trading.


Coin trackers record trade and other relevant information, which is necessary for accounting and taxation purposes. This feature makes them an indispensable tool for any crypto investor. 

Crypto trackers can compare market trends in crypto trading to help the trader develop informed resolutions. They also give the latest market development that makes traders understand crypto markets better.

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A well-informed crypto investor should analyze different crypto coin trackers and get a tracker that suits them. You should invest in a tracker that guarantees your coins’ security to avoid losing your funds. So, why don’t you choose one from our list and give it a try?

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