Top NFT AR Projects to Follow during the Crypto Winter

The crypto market is experiencing one of its worst “winters” in its 12-year history. Some pessimistic voices claim it’s all downhill from here. However, expert traders know that the future is not as bleak as it seems. On the contrary, new and innovative projects are still surfacing in the market, giving us a glimpse of how promising the new “crypto spring” will look.

Sitting and waiting for the crypto winter to pass is gruesomely depressing. That’s why we compiled a list of the top projects to watch over this period. Read on to discover the initiatives still keeping the candle burning in these cold and dark times!


Hololoot is the first-ever augmented reality (AR) non-fungible token (NFT) generator, marketplace, and the metaverse. This Switzerland-based company proposes a blockchain-based ecosystem offering a unique metaverse experience.

The project develops AR NFTs for various applications, P2E games, or only for trading and collecting. Furthermore, it provides a multi-functional NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade their NFT assets.

The platform’s AR NFT Generator enables users to develop AR NFTs, upload them to the ecosystem, and trade them in the marketplace. This way, artists, creators, and NFT collectors can access uniquely rewarding opportunities. Furthermore, buyers can see an NFT in the AR viewer and choose to purchase both the virtual asset and the actual artwork in the metaverse.

Hololoot uses two tokens to create capital and earning opportunities within its ecosystem. The first is $HOL, which allows users to gain discounts on real-life assets, special NFT drops, and more. Meanwhile, the second token, PIXEL, enables users to gain by staking $HOL. In addition, farming PIXEL incentivizes Hololoot users to hold onto their assets for long periods.

In July, Hololoot released its app for Android, thus opening the door to its 3D metaverse to a broader audience. Now, users can enjoy all the benefits of the project’s AR NFT collection and its partnerships with high-performing brands.


CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse allowing users to explore a far-reaching AR universe, Omnus, through NFTs. The development studio behind the game is Riveted Games, an industry-leading company with multiple projects and awards on Steam. Moreover, their team has over seven years of experience in the field.

CryptoBlades allows gamers to have fun playing and earning simultaneously. Players can use powerful weapons to fight opponents and win SKILL tokens, the native in-game asset. Furthermore, they can create characters, weapons, and potencies, to level up their characters.

One of the most exciting partnerships in the industry sees CryptoBlades and Hololoot working together on P2E and metaverse projects.

The best product (so far) of the Hololoot-CryptoBlades collaboration is CryptoZoo, a highly-engaging P2E game with advanced graphics. The game’s environment brings the biggest tokens to life through cute animal representations of the tokens.

In CryptoZoo, players care for the AR NFT animals in the Hololoot collection. The best-known animal is Holly, which is also the first Holocat mascot. Other famous animals in the zoo include the AltcoinBuzz Tiger, the Binance Shiba Inu, the Bitcoin Whale, the Polkadot Flamingo, and Etherhino.

In return for their contribution, players receive various rewards, including AR NFT airdrops for PIXEL holders. While the game is in development, its release date is pretty close. The team is already working on a second airdrop.


Enjin is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing NFT solutions that make these assets easy for individuals, businesses, and developers. In addition, the project supports game studios entering the blockchain fray by simplifying their use of the technology.

Enjin bridges traditional gaming with new-gen, blockchain-based GameFi by offering an all-inclusive suite of tools. Gamers and developers can use it to grasp the new technology better and enjoy or create seamless gaming opportunities. The company’s standout products are development kits (SDKs), enabling users to build items and integrate them into games or applications quickly.

Developers can use the Enjin Network to build projects and applications on the Ethereum blockchain. This way, they can benefit from the network’s high-security standards. Moreover, Enjin allows them to use its proprietary scaling solution, JumpNet, to avoid paying hefty gas costs.

Anyone can use Enjin and its countless tools for free. However, minting NFTs requires some ENJ tokens. The latter is the project’s native token fueling the ecosystem of games, developers, and players that Enjin is expanding.

Lastly, Enjin is the fundamental technology on which Hololoot runs, enabling users to create AR NFTs quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. The company backs numerous projects and proves decisive in its early development stages. Recently, Enjin received the sixth Polkadot para-chain auction, becoming the first metaverse/NFT project in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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There you have it! These three projects should keep you warm and busy during the crypto winter. So check them out and explore their many opportunities. This way, you’ll know which initiatives to endorse before the crypto spring returns.

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