Tradeliz Unveils Crypto Social Network with Real Trading Statistics

On Feb 5, 2020, Tradellze, a decentralized crypto traders’ network, announced its trading terminal’s rebranding into a social ecosystem backed by real trading statistics.

The Tradelize platform makes trading crypto straightforward for professionals while allowing newbies to view, study and copy top traders’ strategies in real-time. The product introduces a unique social network that opens digital asset trading to both pros and novice traders.

This latest rebranding effort enables private investors to verify stats and statements made by pro crypto traders in a move that will boost trust for both parties.

Essentially, pros can transparently demonstrate their trading tactics’ profitability and build their brand and reputation on the platform. They can then monetize their strategies and expertise, allowing them to earn from beginners who follow their trades and signals.

The crypto social network also features advanced tools that offer statistics from over ten crypto exchanges in an all-inclusive interface. All users can easily create a profile and enjoy one-on-one interactions with their favorite traders. 

Newbie Crypto Traders Can Now Socialize With Professionals 

The Tradelize Social Trading Portal was originally developed to provide advanced software and features to pro stock exchange traders looking to dabble in cryptocurrency markets.

According to the project’s CEO, Anton Zapolskyi, Tradelize has opened up the digital assets sector to thousands of professional traders by equipping them with advanced crypto trading tools. The former Wall Street veteran now plans to expand his project’s services to enhance beginners’ and professionals’ trust and interactions.

“Tradelize is expanding, and our mission is to transform crypto trading by connecting amateurs and professionals, providing advanced features for both sides, and finally bringing much-needed trust to the industry,” Zapolskyi noted.

Tradelize’s transparency is more important now that the crypto space is witnessing a massive influx of institutional investors looking to cash in on top-performing assets such as BTC and ETH.

The Zapolskyi-founded platform already boasts $2.5M invested in its Social Trading Portal, with investors executing trades worth over $100M in the past year.

Expanding Benefits for the Entire Tradelize Community

One of the main benefits of Tradelize for armature traders is the ability to connect them with top professionals who have a proven track record in crypto trading. Members of the Tradelize community can use the platform’s resources to copy the best trades and maximize their returns.

Private investors can also follow a particular trader’s history and transparently examine their stats to make informed decisions on the traders’ earnings, risks, and tactics. They also get tips on prudent asset management from the social trading site.

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On the other hand, professional traders benefit from the platform by carrying on with trading without spending too much time focusing on fundraising and negotiations. The pros earn by monetizing their brand and experience while allowing beginners to copy their trades and share revenue.

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