update 18 August 2021

Trend Micro Partners with Interpol in Fights against Cryptojacking

Following the press release on the 8th of January this year, the report elaborated on the joint efforts established in collaboration between Trend Micro and Interpol that significantly target the issues dealing with cryptojacking that primarily affects MikroTik routers mostly in the regions of southeast Asia. The impact on the hash rates presented in cryptocurrency mining has not been significantly affected, even based on this act of collaboration between the two organizations. However, there has been a significant reflection on the decreased cryptojacking incidents based on the large number of devices affected by the malicious practice, totaling to about 78% decrease. 

Cryptojacking Practices 

These cryptocurrency illegal activities are presented by infecting devices that use crypto mining actions to introduce malware that utilizes the device user’s resources in mining digital currency. Based on the collaboration between IGlobal Complex for Innovation of Interpol and Trend Micro, the primary function targeted was directed at MikroTik router sanitization following their infections by the cryptojacking malware. 

The Trend Micro guidance document elaborated on “Operation Goldfish Alpha” that typically indulged in the “Cryptojacking Mitigation and Prevention” development. The document expounded on the issues related to vulnerabilities presented in the router brands for households and enterprises; most of the corruption of these devices is in southeast Asia. 

The document also presented various approaches that could be employed as potential detection techniques that can be used in deleting the malware infections through the utilization of the Trend Micro software. The number of infected devices reduced in the ASEAN region following the implementation of the information in the document released; it totaled to an approximate average of 78%. The document definition procedure’s insights in 2019 assisted router device restorations of up to 20 000 devices.

Affected MikroTik Devices

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The routers used the RouterOS software as the primary operating system were infected, and these were majorly the MikroTik devices. Based on the Trend Micro reports that followed, eliminating the cryptojacking malware provided insights on the digital currency that was being mined as the Monero (XMR) assets. It is the most commonly mined coin that typically uses the CPU computer devices and the various ARM processors that are located in smartphones and can also be utilized in mining XMR. This process is possible based on an average rate of about 300 hashes in only one second.