Trezor Roll Outs New Bitcoin Desktop App, Public Beta Now Available

Leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, Trezor has rolled out “Trezor Suite,” a desktop app that allows users to manage their Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies all in one place. 

The company describes Trezor Suite as a growing ecosystem of tools that make it easier for customers to access and control their hardware wallets and portfolio from a single device. The platform is compatible with Bitcoin and popular altcoins.

Trezor claims the app comes with many improvements, thus providing greater usability, privacy, and security for new and existing users. 

Users can manage their assets on the platform without using their internet browser. This helps to eliminate the risks of phishing attacks that could lead to loss of funds. 

A desktop app provides more robust protection and reduces the number of mistakes or exploits that could result in someone losing their keys or coins,” the company explained.

It is available for download as a “standalone desktop app and a browser app.” For flexibility, the desktop version is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. However, the wallet provider has not fully launched the workspace. Trezor Suite is currently in public beta as it moves to its final stage of development. 

Trezor Wallet Remains Functional, For Now

According to the company, Trezor Wallet, the old browser-based version, will continue to function before the Suite runs in beta. But the old web wallet will redirect users to the Trezor Suite browser wallet once a stable version has been released. 

While in beta, customers can use Trezor Suite for transactions the same way they use Trezor Wallet. However, testers may experience occasional errors and report any issues they encounter while using the new app. 

Upcoming updates will provide “bug fixes, tweaks, and some special integration,” the company said. The beta testing will run until January 2021, and a stable version of the Suite will be available for download. 

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SatoshiLabs, the parent company of Trezor, will host a 2-hour AMA about the Bitcoin desktop app on the Trezor subreddit. The session is scheduled for Monday, 19th Oct, from 17:00–19:00 CET. 

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