TRON’s JustLink Accused of Stealing the Idea from Bridge Oracle

In a recent development, Tron’s oracle project JustLink has been accused of stealing the idea from Bridge Oracle. According to a tweet by Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle, Bridge Oracle started as the first oracle system on the TRON network. Estavi points out that the oracle system, however, wasn’t just for JustLink but for Bridge Oracle. Whereas, Justin Sun, founder of TRON Foundation, has launched JustLink claiming it to be the first oracle project on TRON.

Estavi further points out that they had several chats with TRON’s team naming Roy Liu. He accuses Justin Sun of stealing their idea and requests Sun to discuss about this matter. Justin Sun hasn’t responded to his tweet at the time of news being published.

Earlier today, Justin Sun made the announcement via Twitter about JustLink which is already live at justlink.io. Sun claims the JustLink to be TRON’s answer to Chainlink. Similar to Chainlink’s Oracle network, it will help to bring off-chain real-world data & information to the blockchain network and vice-versa.

Justin Sun and controversies

Well, this is not the first time Justin Sun found himself in a controversy. Last year, Sun paid $4.6 million for charity dinner with Warren Buffet and then abruptly canceled the lunch. Following this, he was allegedly called a fraud by people close to Warren. Earlier this year, former employees sued Sun and Tron Foundation for workplace hostilities. Now, he finds himself in another one for being accused of stealing the idea from Bridge Oracle.

Bridge Oracle

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Bridge Oracle is an open-source oracle system project on the TRON blockchain network. The project facilitates an oracle system to inject real-world data on the blockchain. As per the Bridge Oracle’s website, it includes various types of oracle systems each having its own API contract. Thus users can leverage the specific system by importing the respective API.

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