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Twitter Rolls Out Verified NFT Profile Pictures 

NFTs and jpegs are about to become a bit more distinct – at least on Twitter.

The social media platform is rolling out a new feature to register Ethereum NFTs as their profile pictures. As a result, these NFTs appear hexagonal rather than traditional PFPs that use a circle.

Twitter Embraces NFTs

Twitter Blue – the microblogger’s subscription service – announced its NFT integration on Thursday. It stated that due to popular demand, NFT Profile Pictures had begun rollout in IOS. In addition, a video of Twitter Blue users choosing from hexagonal images in an all-new “NFT’s” tab was provided, attached to their profile pictures.

Subscribers need only connect their crypto wallet to their Twitter account to use the service. When editing their profiles, they are given the option to either upload a traditional photo or choose an NFT. Then, they may connect a Coinbase, Rainbow, Metamask, Trust, Argent, or Ledger Live wallet to their accounts. 

Twitter’s announcement comes shortly after reports of Meta (formerly Facebook) and Instagram getting involved with NFTs. They are readying a similar feature to allow users to display NFTs as profile pictures, alongside buying, selling, and minting them on an open marketplace. Yet when it comes to implementation, it would see Twitter beat them to the punch. 

The platform has already shown signs of integration with the expanding crypto-sphere. After it introduced Bitcoin tips in September, hacker Jane Wong discovered a similar integration for Ethereum transactions in Twitter’s code. In November, the company formed a team dedicated to exploring dapps, including decentralized social media.

The new feature will help distinguish Ethereum users from the rest of the Twitter-sphere. Many of these users will likely be NFT-profile using celebrities like Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Not everyone is excited, however. Most comments on Twitter’s announcement thread mock the new service as a gift and support scammers. 

Jack Dorsey’s Departure

Ever since Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO in December, he has gone full steam ahead on spurring Bitcoin adoption. His team just released an SDK for the lightning network and is now working on a decentralized Bitcoin mining system.

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By contrast, he has taken a firm stance against Web 3 and the broader crypto sphere, deeming it a VC-controlled DINO movement. Some suspect that the company’s interest in supporting Ethereum – a centralized network, in his view – partially motivated his departure. 

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