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UpBots – The HODL Bots Helping Traders Win Money and Time

UpBots is an all-in-one trading ecosystem enabling anyone to trade, invest, farm, and stake crypto, regardless of their experience or skills. The platform uses various tools to help traders win money and time on successful trades while away from their trading stations.

This UpBots review looks closely at a sophisticated digital asset management platform seeking to make trading in crypto, Forex, and commodities more accessible. Read on to discover its algorithmic trading bots and the features that make it stand out!

What is UpBots?

Crypto trading has emerged in the past decade as an alternative to trading on traditional financial markets, such as the stock market, the bond market, or real estate. During this period, some crypto traders have excelled, while others have lost all their assets. Meanwhile, novice traders avoid entering the market due to its complexity and the scarcity of educational resources.

UpBots aims to change that with an all-inclusive digital asset management platform with equal chances for everyone to earn. For instance, the platform provides advanced trading tools for expert traders, helping them customize and broaden their strategies. Simultaneously, it offers new traders educational training and intuitive tools for secure trading.

Both expert and beginner users can trade, invest, and stake cryptocurrency manually or algorithmically with bots. The latter method enables them to win money even away from their trading stations. This way, anyone can enjoy their lives and make an income without staying glued to a monitor.

Furthermore, the platform’s business model ensures traders pay fees only if they make an actual profit. You will only pay fees if the last trade increases your capital above its previous ATH. In addition, UpBots offers fair performance fees, CEX portfolio management options from one spot, and informational resources. Lastly, it guarantees a safe environment for all crypto traders’ needs.

How Does UpBots Work?

UpBots stands out from the competition with a comprehensive suite of tools and services. The platform aims to serve all-level traders, from “recruits” to master traders. Here are a few of the things users can do with UpBots:

  • Trade crypto assets on any list of selected CEX 
  • Create simple or compelling and complex manual trades
  • Stake capital, so the portfolio works even when the user is not trading
  • Use Algobots to trade crypto hands-free
  • Improve their skills with training courses
  • Build their trading bots

We will expand on some of these lucrative features further below. Now, we will take a detour to look at UBXT, the token playing a central role in the operation of the UpBots platform.

The UBXT Token Explained

UBXT is the utility token of the UpBots ecosystem, creating a win-win environment that rewards all participants for helping each other. It is available as ERC20 on Ethereum and BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain. In addition, users can trade it on the open crypto market on centralized or decentralized exchanges or through DeFi swaps.

UBXT’s primary purposes include performance fees between community members for the services they provide to each other. These services include training courses, Algo bot rental, and copy trading. The platform integrates a unique UBXT wallet. Users must have a balance of UBXT in this wallet to enable the most powerful platform features, such as Algo bot trading or social copy trading. These features are paid for on a performance fee basis, where a user only pays if a trade is successful.

The project has minted a total supply of 500,000,000 UBXT tokens during the smart contract creation. Moreover, the platform aims to progressively reduce this amount by over 50% in the future by repurchasing them and burning them.

At the time of writing, the circulating supply of UBXT tokens was over 435.7 million. Also, the users staked over 99 million UBXT while the platform burned over 11.2 million tokens.

UpBots Features

Below is a brief presentation of UpBots’ most standout services and features.

Algorithmic Trading Bots

UpBots comes with an engaging approach to crypto trading through Algo bots. First, the platform’s trading bots can take commands from a trading algorithm, hence the name “Algo.” Next, they can execute orders to buy or sell based on the signal they receive from the trading Algo.

The trading Algos’ design enables them to provide profitable entry and exit signals depending on current market conditions. In addition, the bots can interact with exchanges and do all the connecting and trading work for the trader with the help of the trading algorithm.

All of the Algo’s on the UpBots platform come from 3rd parties. The team does not develop them. Instead, it only provides the bots necessary for executing the trading algorithm’s commands. Also, they offer a lucrative ecosystem where proven developers and community members can host their trading algorithms for traders to use.

Each Algo will feature essential statistics, such as profit and loss, monthly average trades, etc., enabling users to choose the one that best fits their strategies. These statistics will be available in the Dashboard area or the Algo Rental section.

Those choosing to provide Algo services on the UpBots platform will earn a percentage of the profits of everyone using their services, but only on profitable trades. This is possible through UBXT and smart contracts.

UpBots uses a high-performance quality control system to test and review all Algo’s 3rd parties submit. This way, they ensure safety for Algo users on the platform. Furthermore, the team routinely checks and monitors all of Algo’s existing performances.

Soon, the platform will allow anyone to create bots in the UpBots UI. Less experienced users can leave their account on auto-pilot, and trading algorithms available in the Algo rental section will work for them.

UpBots Educational Series

UpBots provides in-depth educational series on how the platform works, how to trade using Algo bots, and much more. This program helps the platform stand out as more than just a digital asset management service. Moreover, it allows UpBots to reach its goal of providing new traders with all the information they need to master this practice.

New users can learn crypto trading on UpBots from a basic level. Additionally, they can discover more about the UBXT token, the UBXT wallet, and other essential features. The platform also provides market news, strategies, and complete helpful information.

Passive Income Revenue Streams on UpBots

UpBots provides traders with an extensive arsenal of tools for earning passive income. One of them is the Hold Program, an evolving process seeking to return as much value as possible to users. This includes staking pools with high APR rates for UBXT holders to stake their tokens. Soon, the staking pools will also generate a return from platform profits to these users. Additionally, users can get a share of the performance fees made on every trade.

These passive income revenue streams and referral rewards can provide UpBots with steady earnings. Meanwhile, they can focus on their trading strategies, use Algo bots, or leave everything on auto-pilot and enjoy life while their portfolios work for them.

The UpBots Referral Program

UpBots has a good referral program allowing its entire community to earn for inviting friends to the platform.

Notably, every UpBots user receives an initial bonus of 200 UBXT for their friends signing up and validating their email. Moreover, they receive up to 10% of their friends’ performance fees for life and 2% of their referees’ performance fees. So this is a lucrative form of earning a passive income simply by bringing more people to UpBots. And the more new users one gets, the higher the rewards will be.

Final Thoughts

UpBots operates from its headquarters in Switzerland and employs a dedicated core team of 16 highly-skilled professionals. Additionally, it involves the work of 20 to 30 people expanding the platform in adjacent teams.

The UpBots DeFi ecosystem is growing by regularly adding more partners. Recently, the team has struck partnerships with Reserve Protocol, Covalent, and Dex.AG, IDEX, and HXRO. All UBXT smart contracts are open-source and available on Github, Etherscan, and BscScan.

The UpBots platform is in full development and has the potential to become a standout name in the crypto asset management sector.

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We will follow the project’s development closely and report on its progress. Meanwhile, you can learn more about UpBots by following the links below: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube.

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