update 11 October 2021

Using the LCX DeFi Terminal – A Powerful Tool for Uniswap Traders

The LCX DeFi Terminal is now live for Uniswap users. This powerful new interface introduces Limit Orders for Uniswap via a market page with beautiful interactive trading charts and additional new functionalities desired by users. In this way, LCX transforms the DEX experience and removes any technical barriers for new traders.

Setting Up LCX Smart DeFi Portal

The setup for the LCX Smart DeFi portal is easy and fast. Best of all, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge or special hardware to be a part of this revolutionary protocol. Anyone can utilize LCX from a PC. However, you will need to connect your ERC-20 compatible wallet to the network to get started.


There are a ton of ERC-20 wallet options available today, but one of the best is Metamask. This wallet features full interoperability within the ERC-20 ecosystem, it’s free to use and download, and it only takes five minutes to set up. Once your Metamask is set up, it’s time to head over to the LCX interface.

When you arrive on LCX, you will notice a button in the top right corner labeled Connect. Clicking this button pulls up a prompt asking if you want to connect your Metamask wallet to LCX. You will need to reenter your Metamask password to complete the linking process.

Ready to Begin

The LCX Smart interface will display the most vital data you need to stay on top of trades and the market. At the top is your total assets. Under this section is your wallet and liquidity pool balances. An asset allocation section follows this section.

Next to where the Connect button was, a menu tab brings up some additional options. One of these options is the markets tab. This will display Uniswap’s top 1000 trading pairs by liquidity. There are little arrows over each data set that allow you to filter out results or search for specific cryptocurrencies or digital assets. The advanced charting at LCX DeFi Terminal does show the price and several special DeFi indicators. In this way, LCX is on par with the industry-leading centralized exchanges like Coinbase Pro.

From there, you are free to browse through the liquidity pools to find investments that meet your strict requirements. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and your Uniswap experience will never be the same again.

Check out this 1-minute video to see it at work!


A Better Option for New DeFi Users

LCX provides a better alternative to new users in entering the DEX arena. These users are already on edge about utilizing a new system. Many never make it past Uniswap’s setup because they are so used to provide a login and trading in minutes, as is the case with most centralized platforms.  

The World’s First Smart DeFi Terminal

LCX DeFi is the world’s first smart DeFi terminal. The new trading dashboard and limit orders functionality is running on a custom DeFi protocol developed by LCX. This DeFi protocol provides Uniswap traders access to an enhanced User Experience. This new user interface leverages a complex smart contract framework that eliminates all of the leg work previously required to trade on Uniswap. You even gain access to a host of new functionalities to improve your returns. 

People Love Simplicity

Think of LCX as the Windows to DEX’s DOS. Before Bill Gates introduced Windows, operating a computer seemed like it required a degree. Windows made it so anyone could smoothly perform functions securely. LCX attempts to accomplish the same maneuver with Uniswap. Currently, Uniswap investing is a choir. LCX wants to transform this process into a quick and profitable experience.

Limit Orders on Uniswap

The best part of the LCX DeFi platform is the addition of limit orders in Uniswap. Limit orders, which are considered a basic functionality on centralized exchanges, are still not standard on DEXs. A Limit Order is a sale or purchase set to initiate at a specific price point. They are a crucial part of most trader’s strategies. As such, LCX has investors excited over their new platform.

Limit orders simplify investing because you can buy low and set your sell rate high. This order rate is set to ensure that you obtain a specific ROI when you sell your assets. Currently, Uniswap sellers have to take what the market gives them with no other options; or do they?

Market Monitoring Made Simple

The LCX DeFi terminal was built to streamline the DEX experience. The portal makes it easy for anyone to track the DEX market and liquidity pools at a glance. You can show all the current trading pairs based on different criteria. You can even sort through the selection via filters based on a project’s name, total liquidity, 24h volume, 7d volume, 24h fees, and 1y fees/liquidity based on 24h fees annualized. 

For the first time, investors can easily monitor all the liquidity pools at the same time. Within seconds, you can create advanced filters to find the best investments. For example, you can glance at the top 1000 trading pairs based on liquidity with a click using this next-gen interface.

The LCX price discovery engine continually monitors the Uniswap liquidity pools to provide you with real-time feedback and stats. No more wading through endless projects to find the gems. This approach simplifies your investment selection process and strengthens your ability to be responsive in the market.

Compliant DeFi and DEX, possible?

Decentralized Exchanges, such as Uniswap, do not require users to register or provide information as part of a know-your-customer (KYC) process. At the same time, we see a growth of compliant crypto assets, security tokens, and new legal frameworks for blockchain companies. LCX is the leading player leveraging the new blockchain laws in Liechtenstein and is investing heavily in crypto compliance and the DeFi space at the same time. Eventually, LCX is ahead of its competitors as they see a new pattern and are connecting the dots between DeFi and crypto compliance. It will be interesting to follow this future development, and time will tell what new products and services will emerge. 

LCX – Perfect Timing for the DEX Revolution

The developers behind LCX understand that value is a lot like water in that it will travel the road of least resistance. Startups will always flock to a platform such as Uniswap because it offers them instant access to financial markets at a minimum cost. 

LCX’s approach helps fuel the DEX revolution and supports the further expansion of the ERC-20 ecosystem. It also puts more control in the hands of investors. Together, these goals help further the overall adoption of cryptocurrencies in general. 

LCX – The New Standard

price change

LCX has put together an immersive interface for their LCX DeFi Terminal, appealing in looks and functionalities. For these reasons and more, LCX is sure to make some serious waves across e industry moving forward.

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